Overwatch 2 Wiki Guide & Walkthrough

Here is our comprehensive Overwatch 2 Wiki guide that is updated with the latest tips, tricks, strategies, tier lists and more.

Overwatch 2 is a sequel to OW1, but to be honest, it’s more like a major update. It can be exciting but also quite overwhelming for new players – plus, the veterans have to adjust to some changes as well. To help you out, we’ve compiled all our guides, tips, tricks, multiplayer strategies for all heroes, best team comps, abilities, counters, maps locations, modes, tier lists, and more in this Overwatch 2 Wiki & Walkthrough guide.

Overwatch 2 Wiki Strategy Guide

Scroll till the end to know the best heroes, tier lists, fixes for errors, best settings and answers to more questions you may have.

Season 2 Hero Ramattra Guides

Overwatch 2 How-Tos

Overwatch 2 guides wiki

Overwatch 2 Hero Tips, Strategies & Counters

Overwatch 2 best hero tips strategies counters

Learn how to play as a hero for the Tank, DPS or Support class and how to counter characters as well.

How to Play (Abilities, Strategies & Tips)

Best Counters – Which Heroes to Pick

Best Characters, Skins and Combos

Overwatch 2 Fixes for Known Bugs, Launch Issues, Errors/Glitches

ow2 known issues bug fixes

Players of online multiplayer games like OW2 often face errors, bugs, and problems related to connectivity – here are the fixes or workarounds for the known issues.

Best Overwatch 2 Settings

best settings use in Overwatch 2

OW2 Tier Lists

Overwatch 2 tier lists

Other FAQs Answered

ow2 faqs answered

And that concludes our Overwatch 2 wiki guide – hope these tips, tricks, strategies, hero combinations, tier lists and other guides helped you out. You can head over to our Overwatch 2 guides section for the latest updates.