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Overwatch 2 Rank System (Explained)

Wondering how the new rank system works out? Check out our guide that explains everything about the Rank System in Overwatch 2.

With the launch of Overwatch 2 marks an end to all servers of its predecessor. That being said, OW 2 has made major changes in its rank system. This has led several players from the original OW quite confused as they are stuck on the same rank. The current ranking system revolves around your gameplay rather than solely winning the matches. So, here’s our guide that explains the Rank system in Overwatch 2.

How does the Rank System Works in Overwatch 2

There are two main ranked modes in OW 2. They are Role Queue and Open Queue. While the Role queue locks your team composition, the latter allows you to select any character. The heroes in the Role queue comprise two Damage heroes, two Support Heroes, and one Tank Hero. You can select any characters to get an individual rank for the role. On the other hand, you can select any character for the Open Queue. But to unlock both of these ranked modes, you need to win 50 Quick Play matches or own the original Overwatch game.

If you manage to bag seven wins, you can unlock your rank. You can also get a rank for losing 15 matches. As mentioned earlier, the ranking system depends on your gameplay. But you need to keep on grinding on these matches until you get a rank. If you have played competetive matches in OW 1, you can get a closer rank to what it was. But it will be modified as you progress into the ranked matches. So, your rank will only be unlocked or updated if you receive 15 losses or 5 wins in the season.

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overwatch 2 rank system

All Ranked Tiers

The ranked tiers in Overwatch 2 are broken down into seven medals. Each of these medals represents the different skill tiers. If you are a Bronze 1, you can win seven matches to climb the ladder and move to Silver 5. So, here are all the ranked tiers from lowest to highest in OW 2:

  • Bronze (5-1)
  • Silver (5-1)
  • Gold (5-1)
  • Platinum (5-1)
  • Diamond (5-1)
  • Master (5-1)
  • Grandmaster (5-1)

If you take a break from the ranked modes or Overwatch 2, there’s an invisible MMR. This matchmaking rating can lower your rank but can be regained faster than normal.

Is the Ranking System Broken in OW 2

Several players in the Overwatch community have been expressing their thoughts on the rank system. Most of the players have been stating that it is broken and does not allow you to progress above Bronze Master 5. Regardless of how many wins or losses, players are stuck on the same rank. Although players are aware that the rank system focuses on quality gameplay, they are confused if they ever climb up the ladder. It can get a bit annoying to not get a single loss yet not rank up for some players. This has led to several players concluding that the rank system might be plagued with bugs or broken.

While there is no word from Blizzard yet, we can only hope for the devs to resolve or acknowledge this issue.

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