Hello World, Meet the Team!

Team GT

Prasad More

Prasad is a crazy Writer, lazy Gamer, usually depends on the time…

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Content Manager at Gamer Tweak, who also writes guides and news…

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Love to play computer games, poker, cricket. Fond of exploring…

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    Nikita is an enthusiastic writer and a casual gamer with…

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    Kevin Almeida

    Kevin is a novel contributor who loves to write about gaming,…

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    A content writer who loves playing games in real world, on PC…

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      Eddy Robert

      Aside from my Passion for Games, I am also a Professional…

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      Artur Novichenko

      Copywriter with five years of experience, who also plays games in…

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        When not gardening, he's gaming in the clouds

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          Rahul Majumdar

          Aside from indulging in excessive movie-binge sessions and…

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