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Gamer Tweak was created by Vignesh Rao, Ugrasen Yadav and Raaj Shrivastava in November 2018 and is Owned by Inkcre Media Pvt Ltd in January 2021.

The main intention to create GamerTweak was to provide all the gamers with the best tips, tricks, codes and strategy guides for the latest game releases. Along with Gaming we also provide our insights on Gaming Tech and Anime entertainment.

At Gamer Tweak, we believe in providing informational tips and guides in a simple and straightforward format. Aside from that, we share honest reviews about the newest games and hardware, in-depth insights, game comparisons, news & leaks, cheats & console commands, lists of our favorite things, rankings for various in-game elements, and much more! They’re all written by geeks for ultimate geeks like you.

Our Mission

Our goal is to become the go-to platform for gamers for all things gaming. We thrive when readers like you find everything they need to know about video games – new and old. With 5+ years under our belt, we’ve come a long way and stepped into millions of views per month. We hope to keep building this website and make even more of a difference in your gaming journey.

We regularly update older content to ensure players stay up-to-date with crucial information, and we work hard to provide helpful, valuable content without any fluff. Your time matters, and we understand that, and so our content is developed to give you the answers you are looking for in the most optimized way.

We eat, sleep, breathe gaming, and keep you updated with the latest! To know more about Gamer Tweak, and our coverage, or to ask us anything simply contact us at [email protected].

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