Best Support Heroes To Counter Ramattra In Overwatch 2

These are the best support heroes you can bring to your team to counter Ramattra in OW2.

Ramattra is the new tank hero for season two of Overwatch 2 and your team composition may have to slightly change to counter him. While he is not too OP as such, his Annihilation can be super destructive. To ensure that your team members survive this ordeal, here are the best support hero picks to counter Ramattra in OW2.

Best Support Ramattra Counters in Overwatch 2

best support heroes against ramattra ow2

None of the support heroes are bad against Ramattra, but how you perform against him depends on the map (is the area a closed space or a wide open one?), the decisions you take, and which abilities you use against which form of this Tempo Tank.

In my experience, these are the best Support characters to counter Ramattra at this point in Season 2.

  1. Ana
  2. Baptiste
  3. Lucio
  4. Brigitte

Firstly, Ana’s sleep dart can put both forms of the Tank to sleep, during which others can take over. Baptiste and Ana both perform equally well against Ramattra.

In an open space, Lucio may work as a better opponent to Ramattra compared to Kiriko, because he can switch between speed and healing for his own Tank ally. He can attack Ramattra even in his Nemesis form from the back while he’s busy fighting off/blocking enemies from the front.

But if an enemy Kiriko ults while Ramattra is in his Nemesis form, things can turn around.

Next, if I compare Brigitte to Mercy against Ramattra in a closed space, Brigitte has performed better, but it also depends on the performance of the other heroes in the area. If you’re playing as Brigitte and if Ramattra is in his Omnic form, you can use your Whip Shot to knock him off an edge. Her Barrier Shield will provide additional help to your teammates and so will her Rally and Inspire abilities.

I have also compared the pair of Lucio + Ramattra vs Mercy + Ramattra, and considering the variables, Mercy provided better support.

When you compare Baptiste, Moira & Zenyatta against Ramattra, Baptiste turns out to be a better choice. To make things tougher for the Tank, Baptiste can stay on higher ground and deal damage along with healing.

Zenyatta isn’t too bad either – his Orb of Discord can prove to be a good support factor in matches.

With this information, you can plan out your team comp and see how it works. As you can tell, there’s no “bad” support to go against Ramattra as such. It just depends on your skills and how you use the Tempo Tank’s weaknesses and your team’s strengths to win the matches.

Tips and Tricks for Support Players Against Ramattra

These are a few things to keep in mind while playing as a Support when Ramattra is on the enemy team.

  • Ramattra will most likely use his shield along with his Void Accelerator – keep moving so that his Void accelerator doesn’t take you out quickly.
  • Get out of the way when he starts pummeling in his Nemesis form.
  • Deal damage from the back when he’s blocking because it reduces his movement speed.
  • As soon as you see his Ultimate being triggered, move as far as possible from the region of impact. It will die off when no opponents are in the swarm but will keep going on as it catches more enemies.
  • The Ravenous Vortex lasts for a short while but is good enough for this Tank and his allies to slow down/pull down your hero. Make sure to always keep an eye out for that and try to get away from it. You can also trigger your healing during this for your survival. Don’t forget that this nano ball bounces off walls and the bodies of heroes as well.
  • The shield barrier will be used tactically by Ramattra players because it spawns for a very short while. Look out for incoming attacks at the location where the shield appears.

If you also play DPS heroes and would like to know who can counter Ramattra the best, our OW2 guide can give you some ideas. You can also head over to our Overwatch 2 wiki and walkthrough guide for more tips, tricks and counters for other heroes.