Overwatch 2: Best Ramattra Tank Counters

Try these Tank heroes to counter the tank Ramattra in OW2.

We got our hands on Ramattra a bit early, and oh boy, he is not what we were expecting. Watching all the revel trailers and gameplay intros, I thought Ramattra is going to be unstoppable to fit the new “Tempo Tank” status. But Overwatch being Overwatch, you know things have to be balanced. So today let’s look at, the best Tank counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

This is just my opinion from the first few games with colleagues, once Ramattra is available for other players, and I get to play against them, I will add more details. So take my opinion with a pinch of salt. And see you all in Shambali.

Best Tank Counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Best Tank Counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Here’s what I think would be the best tanks in a tier list format:

Tiers Tanks vs Ramattra
S+ Tier Roadhog
S Tier Reinhardt
S Tier Winston
A+ Tier Zarya
A Tier Sigma
B Tier Wrecking Ball
B Tier Doomfist
C Tier Junker Queen
C Tier Orisa
D Tier D.Va

Also, many will argue over things like why I placed Wrecking Ball above Doomfist. And why are Junker Queen & Orisa so low? Based on my gameplay and this is just an opinion, a really good Junker Queen on the Top 500 or nearby rank tiers may find tactics to take down Ramattra easily. But I had a better chance as Wrecking Ball in helping my team and taking away Ramattra’s focus. This will change from game to game, and my ranking of Tanks vs Ramattra is not set in stone. Hopefully, this will help some Tank players who are looking to face Ramattra in the new season.

Before some of you go full ballistics over me, this is just my opinion, and let me paint a bit detailed picture for you. I believe Ramattra is designed to dominate at low Elo, but at high Elo, there are many, I mean, many tactics to take down Ramattra. At low Elo, a skilled Ramattra player will find it easy to destroy many D.Va mains (which many new players are comfortable with). But at high Elo which is being dominated by Roadhog, Zarya, & Winston mains, Ramattra can be easily taken down. Let’s look at our S+ & S Tiers to know why:


I will update this section tomorrow. But for time being, just play as you normally play, there is a reason you main Roadhog. Single out his support heroes, and let your team take care of the rest.


I will update this section tomorrow. But for time being, get close to Ramattra and use your hammer. His punches travel the same distance as your hammer. So don’t worry about getting up close with him in a fight.


I will update this section tomorrow. But for time being, keep your “Barrier Projector” (E) to shut down Ramattra’s ult “Annihilation”. Place it well, and tempo tank Ramattra’s Nemesis form is not a fast walker (which he changes for his Ult).

So if you are skipping on the premium battle pass, don’t worry, Ramattra is not suddenly going to be the best Tank in Overwatch 2 season 2.

That’s all for now. Hope this guide of the best Tank counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2 helps some of you. We will be updating this page soon. Meanwhile, make sure to check out the team combo with Ramattra & best DPS heroes to counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2.