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How To Revive With Mercy In Overwatch 2

This is how you can revive your dead teammate as Mercy in OW2.

Mercy is one of the most-popular Overwatch 2 support heroes, and her ability to resurrect dead players can turn the tide in your favor. In addition, she has quite a few amazing abilities which allows her to fly, shoot, and of course, heal allies. If you are planning to try or main this hero, here’s how to revive with Mercy in Overwatch 2.

How to Make Mercy Revive Dead Teammates in Overwatch 2

mercy revive ability ow2

Here is how to use Mercy’s Resurrect ability to bring dead teammates back to life.

When you see a teammate who is dying, approach them and immediately press the revive button to bring them back to life.

  • PC: E key
  • Xbox: RB
  • PS4/PS5: R1
  • Nintendo Switch: R

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Things to Keep in Mind while Playing Mercy

  • Ensure that there are other squad members who will cover for you while you revive the teammate because there’s a short animation that plays out.
  • If you are swarmed by enemies with hardly any team members around you, decide if you want to revive or save yourself by flying off.
  • Another thing to consider is who to revive – it’s best to revive your tank or the top performing DPS hero.
  • Mercy‘s revive ability has a 20-second cooldown so use it wisely.
  • She works pretty well with some heroes and forming a two-hero combination with them may help you dominate the match.
  • Being Mercy makes you the target of enemies since your teammates won’t die because of your constant healing. Due to this, avoid heading out alone and fall back if you end up by yourself.
  • Your weapon isn’t very powerful, so as Mercy, your main goal should be healing the team and using the Guardian Angel and Valkyrie abilities to keep moving around the map.

That’s how to revive with Mercy in Overwatch 2. For more related to the special abilities of heroes and how to counter them, check out our OW2 guides on Gamer Tweak.