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Overwatch 2: How To Play Mercy

A comprehensive guide on Mercy in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is on the verge of its full release and aside from being completely F2P it also offers cross-platform compatibility as compared to its predecessor. The new update brings a new gamemode, a new character and a few changes to the existing roster. Out of these, although Mercy only received a small buff, she still stands as the best Healer character in the game. Just like any ability-based FPS game, healing is one of the most important aspects of a match and alongside Mercy’s other abilities, can even become your win condition. The powerful battle angel is one of the strongest characters and is a fan-favorite when it comes to combination synergies with damage-dealing heroes in the game. In this guide we will break down everything there is to know about Mercy and her abilities in Overwatch 2 and how to play effectively with her.


Is Mercy an Effective Healer in Overwatch 2

Mercy is a primary-Healer and a Support character. Now you’re one of the people that likes Support, you may know how important it is for you to survive in a game and staying away from the enemy’s direct line of fire. This is where Mercy comes in because, unlike other top tier Support characters like DJ Lucio, a lot of Mercy’s abilities focus on movement and easily escaping enemy’s clutches. Overwatch is a very high-paced game where movement efficiency becomes essential and with a character that can glide, dash and literally fly with her ultimate, Mercy becomes a top-pick for a Healer for sure.

Apart from these reasons, Mercy is the only character in the game that can resurrect a downed player. And needless to say, that in itself becomes a win condition for most rounds in a match.

All of Mercy’s Weapons and Abilities

Overwatch 2 Best Healer & How To Play

  • Caduceus Staff (Primary Weapon): This is ranged staff that shoots a beam with two fire modes. The primary mode heals teammates for 55 health per second and the latter gives a damage boost of 30% to the targeted team member. However, the beam only has a range of 15m so you need to stay on the sidelines while healing. The beam will also be broken with any obstruction in the way so make sure you have a direct line-of-sight.
  • Caduceus Blaster: (Secondary Weapon): This is a pistol handgun that deals 20 damage to any enemies, in case you need it.
  • Guardian Angel: This mobility skill allows you to quickly dash towards a teammate or to the location where a teammate was eliminated. The latest patch also allows you to cancel this ability mid-flight to allow some advanced movement mechanics.
  • Resurrection: You can resurrect an eliminated teammate with this ability. The ability takes 2 seconds to activate and slows down your movement drastically so make sure you’re not in the line-of-fire while casting this ability.
  • Valkyrie: This is Mercy’s ultimate ability that allows her to open up her wings and take a free flight. You get a haste effect and your Caduceus Staff can chain beam to all teammates in a close range from the target member. The healing fire mode can now heal upto 60 HP per second and your secondary weapon gets a boosted fire rate and an unlimited ammo. This ability lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Passive Abilities: Mercy has the Angelic Descent ability of feather falling to avoid fall damage from higher places. She also can regenerate her own health after 1 second of being out of combat. The latest update gave her a buff of replenishing 30 instead of the previous 20 HP per second.

How to play with Mercy

Mercy’s biggest strengths are her mobility skills which makes her a harder target to hit. The only way Mercy’s pace can be countered are with hit-scan abilities or snipers when you’re slowed down on your Angelic Descent. The best way to play Mercy is to coordinate with your team on when they need to be healed and other times when the damage amp would be of more benefit. The damage amp can be a major problem for your enemies in combination with DPS characters like Ashe, Echo and Pharah.

Mercy’s ultimate is most powerful in close quarter combats where you can quickly beam your entire team with the staff for a massive advantage. These synergies within the team with the Support characters define the proficiency of your team composition.


All of this certainly makes Mercy one of the Best Healers in Overwatch 2. Hopefully we have helped with this article. If you want more related content, you should check out this guide on how to transfer skins in this game.