Best Overwatch 2 Season 2 Support Healer Tier List (As Per Top 500)

Here's the Best Overwatch 2 Support Healer Tier List for the season meta and know the best heroes to use.

Are you looking for a Best Overwatch 2 Support Healer Tier List for the current season meta? What are the best hero choices? Don’t worry. We have listed out all the Heroes as per recent season Meta changes, so you don’t have to. You may jump into the game with the heroes you are comfortable with from this tier list. Some heroes like Moira are outstanding in low ELO but hated by everyone in high ELO. This is even evident with new buffs Blizzard is bringing out for Moira.

Today, instead of giving my opinion on the heroes, I will calculate the top 500 player’s hero choices and consider the win rate to find the best heroes for the current meta. This calculation is based on all the OW2 servers. For example, a hero like Zenyatta may not be the first choice in the USA, but he is appreciated at a higher rate in both South Korea & Japan. So we will also try your stats based on each server for your convenience so that you may be familiar with the top choices in your location.

Best Support in Overwatch 2 Healer Tier List (Season 2 as Per Top 500 Players)

Best Support in Overwatch 2 Healer Tier List

In the current season 2 of Overwatch 2, we can consider both Kiriko & Lúcio as the best healers in the game.  With that in mind, here’s the list of all the heroes in our best Overwatch 2 Support Healer Tier List according to the top 500 players:

Tiers Heroes Top 500 Choice
S+ Tier Kiriko 50.83%
S Tier Lúcio 20.59%
A+ Tier Mercy 11.29%
A Tier Ana 8.63%
B+ Tier Zenyatta 4.31%
B Tier Baptiste 1.99%
C Tier Brigitte 1.32%
D Tier Moira 0.99%
Bonus Soldier: 76 Damage Hero

For Moira & Brigitte mains, Blizzard has released buffs to make your character serve better in competitive matches. Here are the new buffs which may increase their tier ranking in the next meta:

  • Moira: Biotic Orb – Dealing damage with Biotic Orb now restores a small amount of Biotic Energy
  • Brigitte: Barrier Shield – Health increased from 250 to 300

During the time of Overwatch 1, Brigitte was considered too OP. Many players called her “game-breaking.” In the words of many, “If someone picked a Brigitte in your team, you won half the battle already.”  But with lots of balance changes, Brigitte has been pushed down to the lower part of the tier list in recent meta. So let’s see how the new buffs are going to affect her soon.

Best Overwatch 2 Season 2 Meta Supports in Americas, Asia & Europe

Here’s the Top 500 players’ choice of Overwatch 2 support heroes or healers in different server locations:

Heroes Americas Asia Europe
Ana 6% 14% 6%
Baptiste 1% 0.5% 4%
Brigitte 1% 2% 0.5%
Kiriko 49% 54% 50%
Lúcio 28% 19% 15%
Mercy 12% 4% 18%
Moira 2% 0.5% 0.5%
Zenyatta 1% 6% 6%

Healing Abilities

Note: These stats were last updated on the release day of Overwatch 2. So they may not reflect the current values or meta.

If you are new to Overwatch 2 after the new free-to-play model, you might not have the time to experience many games with each of these characters. So for your convenience, allow me to share the healing stats we were able to find for each of the above Overwatch 2 heroes:

Heroes Healing Abilities
Lúcio Crossfade Amp It Up Sound Barrier
Allies: 16 HP/s
Self: 6 HP/s
52 HP/s Allies: 750 overhealth
Self: 750 overhealth
Kiriko Healing Ofuda Protection Suzu
13 HP/talisman
26 HP/burst
50 HP
Ana Biotic Rifle Biotic Grenade Nano Boost
70 HP/0.58 seconds 100 Health 250 health
Brigitte Inspire Repair Pack Rally Barrier Shield
15 HP/s 110 HP/2s 30 overhealth/s, till 100 overhealth Shield Health: 250
Baptiste Biotic Launcher Biotic Launcher Regenerative Burst Immortality Field
70 health with a direct hit 50 health with the explosion 10 HP/s for 5 seconds + 100HP (for HP > 50%)
10 HP/s for 5 seconds + 50HP (for HP < 50%)
Shield Health: 150
Mercy Regeneration Caduceus Staff Resurrect Valkyrie
22.5 HP/s after escaping fight for 1.5s 10.56 HP/0.192s (almost 55HP/s) Restores full health to a dead ally Allies: 60 HP/s
Self: 22.5 HP/s
Chain Healing: 10 meters
Zenyatta Orb of Harmony Transcendence
Allies: 30 HP/s Allies: 300 HP/s
Self: 300 HP/s
Moira Biotic Grasp Biotic Grasp Biotic Orb Coalescence
Allies: 70 HP/s then 35 HP/2s Self: 24 HP/s 65 HP/s till 300 Health Allies: 140 HP/s
Self: 50 HP/s
Soldier: 76 Biotic Field
Allies: 35 HP/s
Self: 35 HP/s

Why is Soldier: 76 on This List?

Soldier: 76 has never been considered a support Hero. He is one of the main Damage heroes in OW2 and was part of the Offense heroes in the first Overwatch. He is a high DPS character, considered one of the best starting heroes for beginners, in our opinion. So why did we add him as a ‘Bonus’ to our list? Well, it’s for one of his healing abilities called “Biotic Field.”

Biotic Field is Soldier: 76’s ability, where he places a biotic emitter on the ground that heals all teammates inside the field. Soldier: 76 can even place the biotic emitter on a moving ‘Payload’ in Escort game modes. This is a massive bonus to healing all the teammates during the Escort modes.

Biotic Field had proven helpful hundreds of times in my experience, especially when our support was down. The only healing I could find was Soldier: 76’s biotic yellow ring on the battlefield. I would vouch for him as a dependable hero to sick with in case your supports are down. Thus we will keep him as a ‘bonus tier’ considering his role as Damage hero.

So, this was our Tier List for the best Overwatch 2 Support Healer heroes players. If you are looking for more help with other characters, check out how to play Sojourn and Tracer in this game. Don’t forget also to check our guide on how to change your crosshairget competitive pointsgain XP fast, and more for Overwatch 2.

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