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Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners & New Players

Here are the best heroes to choose as beginners if you are new to OW 2.

Overwatch 2 has three classes – Tank, Damage, and Support which includes Healers. The number of characters on the Roster (even those available for free) can be overwhelming and you may wonder which is the best one to choose in OW 2. Whether you are a new player to this franchise or to FPS games in general, here are the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners in every class, based on my experience.


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners (Every Class)

Here are the best OW2 characters for beginners in each class:

  • Tank – Orisa or Reinhardt
  • Damage – Soldier: 76
  • Support – Lucio

Let’s take a look at why these are good heroes to pick first for new players and why they can be relatively easy to master. Do keep in mind that other players may snag them during hero selection, so you need to act fast and select them as quickly as possible.


Best OW 2 Damage Hero for Beginners: Soldier: 76

best damage hero for beginners ow 2

Soldier: 76 is a balanced hero because he has a mix of good damage as well as healing capabilities. If your team comp ends up being without a healer, Soldier: 76 will come to the rescue. Hiding in areas when you need to save your health, healing at the right time, and attacking at the right time will ensure that you get your kills and you don’t die too often.

  • His Heavy Pulse Rifle deals accurate damage from long range. This is one of the main reasons why Soldier:76 is most liked by new players.
  • You can also Sprint to move forward and dodge incoming attacks. If you are short of health, this can come in handy.
  • Soldier: 76 can deploy a Biotic Field that will not only heal you but also heal your allies at the same time.
  • His Helix Rockets can launch a powerful projectile that explodes on impact. Good for chipping away enemies’ health is they are standing together.
  • Last but not the least, his ultimate is the Tactical Visor which allows you to automatically aim your weapon at all the targets in its view. This leads to interesting moments when you can get double/triple kills or more even as a new player!

Bonus: Beginners can also try out Sojourn who has a rapid-firing railgun, ground slide that can cancel into a high jump, energy burst to deal damage to enemies, and charged shots that can pierce multiple enemies. Although you will need a healer in the team to survive longer, Sojourn does end up being good with new players.

Best OW2 Support Hero for Beginners: Lúcio

best support healer hero for beginners ow2


Lúcio is such a cool hero to play because he uses music to fight! What I liked the most about him is that he isn’t restricted to just healing others. When Lucio is the last one standing, he can hold his ground pretty well and achieve multi-kills.

  • His Sonic Amplifier deals projectile damage and looks pretty darn amazing while doing it.
  • His Crossfade ability will either give a healing boost to nearby allies or make them move faster – you can switch between the two with a button.
  • Amp It Up is an ability that will increase the effectiveness of your current song. So, as Lúcio, you may see yourself not dying very often, especially since your Amplifier deals good damage as well.
  • Soundwave is a useful ability in spaces where there’s scope to make your opponents fall off the ledge. Use this short-range blast wave and knock them away from you, and into the abyss of the map. Easy kills and a better method to get them away from you if your enemies come too close for comfort.
  • The Sound barrier will create extra health temporarily for nearby allies.
  • Wall Ride will give you better movement across the map – you can jump onto a wall to ride along it, and catch your enemies by surprise.

Best Tank Heroes for Beginners in Overwatch 2

best tank for beginners ow 2

  • There are two best Tanks depending on your playstyle – if you like to use melee attacks, choose Reinhardt. If you like quick ranged attacks with your gun, choose Orisa.

Both have their pros and cons. While some may feel limited by Reinhardt’s lack of a gun, he makes up for it with his Fire Strikes, but they are slower. Orisa doesn’t have a Barrier field so she cannot protect the team, but she has self-healing. Try out both and choose your favorite.


  • Orisa’s Augmented Fusion Driver is an automatic heat-based weapon that deals more damage when you are near the enemy. It works pretty well if you want to keep your distance if you get swarmed by enemies from one side.
  • You can use the Energy Javelin and stun/knock back enemies with one-hit. This will be super helpful to get a kill on an opponent with low health.
  • In terms of healing, Oria has the Fortify ability through which you will gain temporary health and reduce all damage taken. If you don’t have a healer on your team, this will ensure your survival for longer.
  • If you get attacked with projectiles and want to block melee attacks, you can use the Javelin Spin ability, but ensure that you trigger it at the right time. It can go wasted if used earlier or later even by a second.
  • Lastly, there’s the Terra Surge ultimate through which you can bring enemies towards you and unleash a surge of damage to them at a time. Players can make the most of it when surrounded by opponents.


  • Reinhardt‘s main attack uses a Rocket Hammer for which you need to be pretty close to the enemy, who will keep moving. As a Tank, you won’t have speed while navigating without an ability, so you need to have accuracy with your hammer.
  • To gain some speed, you can use the Charge ability which will allow you to smash an opponent against the wall. Ideal to use when you’ve got the enemy cornered.
  • There’s also a way to attack from a distance with the help of Fire Strike which launches a fiery projectile. These are slower and need good aim to work well.
  • The Barrier Field will come in real handy in closed spaces where you can take damage while the team watches your back.
  • Your ultimate is the Earthshatter which does exactly what it claims to. Reinhardt will smash his mighty hammer on the ground and knock down all the enemies in its reach.

So, this was our guide on the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners and new players in the FPS genre. If you are looking for more help with other characters then check out how to play Sojourn and Tracer in this game. Don’t forget to also check our guide on how to change your crosshairget competitive pointsgain XP fast, and more for Overwatch 2.