Overwatch 2: Sojourn Weapon & Abilities Guide

Unable to use Sojourn and her abilities to the fullest in Overwatch 2? Well, this guide will help you learn about them.

Sojourn is a fast hero in Overwatch 2 but can be quite tricky to use, hence many players are looking for a guide. She is a damage hero that works well in both long and short ranges. But her abilities can really shine from mid-distance. So no matter if you are a beginner or have used her already, this guide will help you learn how to use Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

Ultimate Sojourn guide for Overwatch 2

overwatch 2 sojourn guide

In this ultimate Sojourn guide, we will learn everything about her. So to start, these are things you should know about her.

  • Sojourn Weapon & Abilities
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • How to use her 

Let us check them all.

Sojourn Weapon & Abilities – Beginners Guide Overwatch 2

  • Weapon
    • She uses a Railgun that fires projectiles as her normal hits. And her alternate fire uses charged shots. You can get these charged shots by hitting the enemy with your primary fire. Each body shot that connects charges your Railgun by 5 charges.
    • When you charge your gun completely the charged shot does:
      • Body damage: 130
      • Headshot damage: 260
    • The best part is this gun has no damage falloff.
  • Abilities
    • Disruptor Shot: Sojourn will launch a small energy ball that on contact covers quite a lot of range. It also slows the enemies that are in that area.
    • Power Slide: Sojourn performs a ground slide that you can cancel to turn into a high jump.
    • Overclock: When Sojourn uses her ultimate Overclock, the railgun will automatically charge for a short while. The shots also pierce enemies.


  • She is a very agile character which gives her high mobility. Thus this makes her an excellent pick for aggressive players. Her mobility is also very useful when you want to flank your opponents.
  • Her weapon and abilities kind of allow her to be spammy. Although the catch is the hits should connect.
  • Her ultimate compliments gunplay so if you are confident in your gunplay you will make even more out of her ultimate.
  • And lastly, she is a very fun character. This is somewhat subjective, but if you like high-speed action then you will enjoy this character very much.


  • She has no self-heal. This can be very problematic, as it forces you to learn the locations of health packs on the map. Alternatively, you can also rely on support characters to heal you.
  • Her mobility can be problematic at times. I know this was also her strength but if your aim is not consistent then this can be a problem for you.
  • Your gunplay needs to be good. Her charged shots work when you are able to connect your attacks and you can use them to wipe out enemies. While that all is nice, it is all for naught if you can’t hit your enemies. So as much as carrying is easy with her, so is being a weight on your team. Not saying you can’t adapt to her but if you are not able to get used to playing as her, she can be a lot difficult.

How to Use Sojourn in Overwatch 2

  • There are two main things that you should learn about her and those are when and how to use disruptor shot and power slide.
  • Power slide is an excellent ability that lets you close in on the enemy and also run away from them. An important part of this ability is the high jump as it can help you get out of some sticky situations.
  • As explained above the Disruptor Shot slows down the enemy while dealing them damage. So the best time to use it would be when the whole enemy team is very close to each other. Or even when some of them are together. You can use it and then spam your attacks to quickly charge your railgun and start using charged shots.
  • And finally, for her ultimate that is quite self-explanatory, to use it effectively you should focus on improving your aim and timing.

That sums up everything you should know about how to use Sojourn in Overwatch 2. Now you should have no trouble with her abilities, practice her and you should start carrying your team in no time. In case Sojourn didn’t work for you,  check out our Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List, to learn about other characters that you might want to use.