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How To Counter Baptiste In Overwatch 2

The best heroes to choose when Baptiste is around the corner in OW2.

Baptiste has the potential of being the most effective hero on any map he plays thanks to his insane healing abilities. It’s best to deal with him as quickly as you can and to help you with that, we have curated a list of the best heroes to counter Baptiste in Overwatch 2.

How to Counter Baptiste in Overwatch 2

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Here are the heroes that we think are a perfect match against Baptiste.


Genji is one of the game’s most powerful heroes where damage is a concern. Baptiste is all about healing his team and damaging opponents, so the best course of action is quick successive attacks that overwhelm him and that’s where Genji comes in. The Shuriken and Swift Strike combo is deadly to any enemy and Genji’s double jump and wall climb will let you keep pace with a fleeing Baptiste to finish the job.


Just like most tanks, Roadhog has a massive health pool and a decent primary weapon that does its job. But what makes him the perfect counter to Baptiste is (of course) his Chain Hook. The best time to hook a Baptiste is when he throws out his Immortality Field, this will negate any effects and you can get rid of a surprised Baptiste with ease.


Sombra’s stealth is the best weapon she has, and flanking is second nature to her. This gives her a great advantage over Baptiste who are more passive and play deep behind their teammates. Sombra’s hack is an excellent tool to counter the Immortality Field and get a good amount of damage on Baptiste.

These are the Heroes that are great counters to any Baptiste you come up against. Check out our guide on How to counter Sojourn and a list of the Best Heroes for every map in Overwatch 2 on Gamer Tweak.