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Overwatch 2: How To Improve Aiming (Tips & Tricks For Better Aim)

Here are some aiming tricks to help you make your aim better in Overwatch 2.

One of the fastest ways to get better at Overwatch 2, is by improving your aim. While this might sound generic, there is surprisingly a lot more to aiming than meets the eye. And since aiming is the most basic thing you need to learn to play this game, getting better at it will show you noticeable results with time. So in this guide let us check how to improve your aim in Overwatch 2 no matter if you play on PC or Consoles.

How to Improve Your Aim in Overwatch 2

how to improve your aim in overwatch 2

There are many factors that can improve your aim. Below are the ones that will make a significant improvement in your aim and help you win more fights:

  • Find the Sensitivity for You: Before we get onto more fancy tricks let us start with the basics. Playing on default sensitivity is probably the worst thing you can do in any FPS game. And Overwatch 2 is no different from this rule. You can easily check the sensitivity that is right for you by going to the Practice range and trying out shooting at different sensitivities until one feels right.
  • There are mainly two types of players. The ones that use high sensitivity and rely more on wrist movements. And the ones that use low sensitivity and rely more on the entire hand movements. There is no right way to aim, rather a personal preference. So experimenting with them both can help you figure out which style is for you. Do remember that wrist movements can lead to some injuries in the long run if you play for too long and too frequently.
  • You can also check our guide on how to use your Valorant sensitivity for this game if you already play that one.
  • Use the right Crosshair: Another thing that you can very easily overlook is the crosshair that you use. Every player has some preference for crosshair that helps them aim while letting them see their enemies clearly. You could be someone who is better with a plus or dot crosshair, but might be using the circle crosshair. Try out different crosshairs, be it their shape, size, color, or any other factor. Once you change your crosshair and have one you like, you will be a step closer to improving your aim.
  • Pre-aim and crosshair placement: This is a game-changing tip. Whenever someone tells you to learn pre-aiming or crosshair placement, what they mean by it is to place your crosshair in the possible location where an opponent might show up. This will help you a lot as you will already have your crosshair placed near the head area. So once they show up all you have to do is shoot. This eliminates the steps of tracking. While this tip is important you can’t only rely on it.
  • Track & Flick: Tracking and flicking are two other concepts that you should be familiar with. Tracking is super important when it comes to aiming, let us take the example of Soldier 76. Soldier 76’s ultimate practically gives him an aimbot. But you still have to shoot your enemies to eliminate them. And most of your opponents won’t stand still to let you target them. Many will move in a certain direction, and others might even change their movement pattern to make it harder for you to hit them. These are the times when tracking comes in.
  • When you are tracking an opponent, your goal is to always have your crosshair on them. At least as much as possible, irrespective of how they move. Now add firing to this and you will start eliminating them.
  • Flicking on the other hand is completely different from tracking. Flicking is more useful for hitting headshots and eliminating your enemies spontaneously. Depending on your enemy and their health you could even eliminate them with a body shot. When you are flicking, you are quickly moving your crosshair from wherever you were previously aiming to the new position that is your enemy/opponent’s head. But again just placing your crosshair isn’t enough, you also have to quickly shoot to get the kill.
  • Improve your Reaction Time: While it might sound like it isn’t improving your aim, having quick reaction times is very crucial. For example, let us say you are playing Widowmaker. Your shot is 100% charged and you have even pre-aimed at the correct spot. But when the enemy shows up and you fire late, you will miss your kill. So reacting quickly is as important as the other tricks you might do to improve your aim.
  • Disable certain settings: If you feel that your aim feels floaty then it could be a problem with the default settings the game gives you. Change Camera Shake to Reduced, HUD shake to Off, and Reduce Menu Movement to Off and your aim should no longer feel off.

While the above tips are to improve your aim. Here are some tricks that will help you hone them and get more kills in matches.

  • Get Familiar with the map: Knowing the ins and outs of the map you play on is very important. If you know all the spots where the enemies can attack from, it will be a lot easier to predict their movements and locations. Thus allowing you to pick on them more often.
  • Go for the head: Headshots deal significantly more damage than body or leg shots. So try aiming for the head as much as possible during fights.
  • Use Aim Trainers: Before you jump into competitive matches, it is a good idea to practice first. While you can use the practicing range the game provides, using third-party aim trainers can also come in handy. These trainers are specifically designed to help you improve in certain areas like tracking, reaction time, shots accuracy, and more.

That covers this guide on how to improve aiming in Overwatch 2 and the best aim tips & tricks for both PC & Consoles. Don’t forget to check out our Overwatch 2 Wiki to learn about other related concepts of the game.