Best Overwatch 2 Streamers On Twitch

Read this guide to know about the best Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers right now.

Released in early October 2022 by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch 2 has quickly gained popularity among its millions of players. The game is energetic, fun to play and keeps the spirit of its predecessor alive. One of the prime reasons why the game has garnered so much attention is due to Twitch streamers. Whether you’re new to Overwatch or a seasoned veteran, you might have come across gameplay clips from countless creators. You might be wondering who the best Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers are right now. Whether it’s for entertainment purposes or tips on getting better, we have put together a list just for you.

A List of the Best Overwatch 2 Twitch Streamers

  1. ML7
  2. Emongg
  3. Seagull
  4. xQc
  5. Dafran


Mihai Lupașcu, famously known as ML7, is a Romanian Twitch streamer. He is widely considered to be the best player in the support category of Overwatch 2. More often than not, ML7 prefers using Ana – a solid support hero. He not only produces entertaining content for his viewers but also gives some valuable tips on becoming better. If you want to ace the support category in OW2, you shouldn’t look any further than the mighty ML7.


If you’re looking for raw entertainment value, Emongg is right up there among the best Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers. He extensively played CSGO before landing on Twitch. Jeff “Emongg” Anderson excels in the tank role in OW2. With a sea of toxicity surrounding competitive play in the game, Emongg brings a breath of fresh air. He stays positive and rarely loses his cool. Emongg earned his reward when he was called up to join San Francisco Shock – one of 20 Overwatch League teams.


Seagull Best Overwatch 2 Twitch Streamer

For the longest time, Seagull was considered to be Mr. Overwatch. He has inspired thousands of people to play the game. Though he no longer plays professionally, he is still widely regarded as one of the best Twitch streamers in Overwatch 2. Brandon Larned, the man behind Seagull, has the gift of the gab. This allows him to sound charming and playful while completely obliterating enemy squads.


xQc’s time on Twitch has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. He has been frequently banned by the streaming platform but is still one of the most followed creators on this list. Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc has amassed 11.5 followers on Twitch as of today. After playing Overwatch professionally, xQc is currently a part of Luminosity Gaming – a professional esports organization. While the Canadian doesn’t stream as often, his OW2 gameplay videos are one of the most watched. If you want to learn more about tactics and have a fun time, you should definitely check out xQC.

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The last on our list is Daniel Francesca or simply known as Dafran. The Danish streamer is very popular among the Overwatch community. Although he has been popular for the wrong reasons on Twitch. Dafran has faced several bans during his time on the platform. But that takes nothing away from the fact that he is one of the best Overwatch players. His tracking is second to none. Some fans also regard him as a genius of the game albeit when he is not trolling. All in all, Dafran is one of the most entertaining Twitch streamers that you should definitely watch.

That is pretty much everything we had for you on the best Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers right now. This list is just a personal opinion and there are chances that we may have missed out on other notable streamers. For more information, you can check out our list on the top 50 streamers on Twitch right here on Gamer Tweak.

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