xQc And Adept Breakup: Are They Back Together?

Here is what we know about the xQc and Adept's breakup.

xQc and Adept went through a breakup recently and their fans want to know if they are back together. This has been a heavy week for Twitch with plenty of big decisions going on, on the platform and even in the personal lives of its streamers. So let us quickly check why xQc and Adept broke up and whether they are back together.

Why did xQc and Adept Breakup?

xqc and adept breakup

xQc “Felix Lengyel” and Adept “Sam” broke up because of the family issues of xQc. While they have had a breakup in the past as well, this time it appears to be much more serious. Thus xQc decided to address it to the fans. You can check it in his video “Adept and I Broke Up”

The reason things came to this was that things at xQc’s home were odd. He, Adept, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend “couldn’t be all at once in one place”. And there was friction between them and they were all splitting apart. xQc mentions that his brother had to move in, then back home which wasn’t working out with Adept. The matters got worse because xQc’s family also wasn’t very helpful. And eventually, when things weren’t working out, the streamer had to take a decision.

He says “I kind of I… I was cornered into choosing between um family and Sammy. And unfortunately what happened is that… um I, I kind of just chose family because that’s just I don’t know so it was my fault but um so yeah that’s just what kind of happened.”

xQc then proceeds to clarify that Adept isn’t wrong here, that no one is, and this is just natural life stuff.

Are xQc and Adept Together?

At the time of writing this article, xQc and Adept are not back together. While Adept did get mad at him for not handling things privately, the two streamers had another conversation. So while they might not be back together in a relationship, it is safe to assume they are on friendly or good terms.

That is everything we know about the breakup of xQc and Adept and if they are back together. If you are interested in learning about other streamers and YouTubers be sure to check our articles on dream face reveal, and the net worth of Pokimane, Pewdiepie, and MrBeast.