Minecraft Dream Face Reveal Is Finally Here (2023)

Here is the much awaited Minecraft Dream Face Reveal.

Dream one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers had announced a face reveal and it is finally here. Dream has been anonymous and a faceless YouTuber for the longest time now, so both new and older fans were excited by this news. So let us check the Face Reveal of Dream and also learn about the previous times he has teased about it.

Minecraft Dream Face Revealed

This is what the popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream looks like.

dream face reveal

You can check out his face reveal video here. Note: This is an updated article, below you can find the information on when dream was about to do a face reveal and his previous face reveal teases.

minecraft dream face reveal

Dream will reveal his face in his next upload. This is a confirmed update (unless the YouTuber decides to postpone the reveal) and posted by him on his channel’s community post. The post about the face reveal says “My next upload will be me face revealing. The mask is coming off, and George is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team!”

So if you are a fan of Dream then you should be excited now as the face reveal can be anytime soon. Although, there have been instances where he has teased his face reveal before but not actually revealed his face. So the fans can only hope that this time it truly happens.

Previous Dream Face Reveal Teasers

previous dream face reveal minecraft youtuber
Image Credit: MrBeast on YouTube

There are two main instances where Dream teased about it in the past but one of them was a joke. The first can be seen in the YouTube Rewind 2020 by MrBeast. In it, Dream was holding a Placard near his face. And when he does bring it down, he is actually wearing a white mask with a smiley face. Same as his YouTube channel icon.

But the biggest one known so far is the “my face reveal” video from 2019. Credits to Dream YouTube fandom on this information. The Minecraft YouTuber posted a video by the name my face reveal and the description said “hey, its me”. But proceeded to remove it after a couple of days. Since the video is deleted we can’t confirm whether he truly did a face reveal in it or pranked his fanbase. Aside from the above-mentioned instances, he has only talked about his face reveal.

That covers this guide on the face reveal of Minecraft Youtuber Dream and when it is. If you are interested in other YouTubers and Twitch steamers then also read about the net worth of MrBeast and Pokimane.