Pokimane Net Worth 2024: How Much Money Does She Make

Looking for the Net Worth of Pokimane? Here's how much the streamer earns.

Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane is a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer and quite a well-known name in the gaming community. The Moroccan-Canadian gamer gained popularity for her League of Legends and Fortnite content. She has previously acclaimed the Best Twitch Streamer of the Year award. Along with that, she also received the Legacy Award at The Streamers Award in 2022. Such high acclamation and honors will naturally make you wonder, what is the Net worth of Pokimane and how much money does she make. This guide is everything that is known at the time of writing.

What is the Net Worth of Pokimane in 2024?

Pokimane How Does She Earn her Money

The Streamer was a featured honoree in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Games category. While in 2022, the Net Worth of Pokimane is estimated to be between $2-3 Million. However, the estimated figures were found to be this much at the time of writing. It might change in the near future.

How Does Pokimane Earn her Money

Pokimane primarily makes her money streaming on Twitch. She is a popular name in the streaming industry. While she started her journey with Twitch back in 2013, she has now amassed over 9 Million followers on her channel (Pokimane).

While Twitch isn’t her only journey to success, it surely holds a big portion of the Net Worth of Pokimane. Alongside Twitch, she also has a few YouTube accounts that combine over 8 Million Subscribers. The following are the YouTube channels of Pokimane:

  • Pokimane
  • Pokimane Too
  • Pokimane VODS
  • Poki ASMR
  • imane

While most of her videos on YouTube are made from her streams, she also has a few Vlogs. Her videos have gained over 600 million views at the time of writing and they will go higher in the near future. All these have been a great source of income to add to the Net Worth of Pokimane

Pokimane also has numerous sponsorships from various top brands in the industry. She has also made a cameo appearance in the 2021 movie Free Guy and is one of the most decorated and influential female streamers of Twitch.

Lastly, she also has a massive following on her Instagram and Twitter profiles, reportedly having 6 Million and 4 Million followers respectively. This can also be an additional source for her income. While these are all estimates and only Pokimane and her team might know the real number, the estimates might not be that far from the actual value.

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