How To Get Good At Genji In Overwatch 2 (Tips & Tricks)

Wondering how to improve at playing Genji in OW2? Try these tips and get good at Genji quickly.

Genji is one of the first characters you unlock but he has quite the learning curve if you wish to master him. Many players end up making rookie mistakes mainly because there are quite a few tricks you need to know to get the highest kills as a DPS hero. Here’s how to get good at Genji in Overwatch 2 if you want to play as him, especially in competitive mode.

How to Get Good at Genji in Overwatch 2 (Tips from Pros)

how to improve at genji ow2

While our guide on how to play Genji covers the basics of this character, this is a collection of tips and tricks from pro and high-ranked players (top 500) who main Genji.

Use the accurate burst of 3 projectiles (Shurikens) when the enemy is at a distance. The arc throw is best when enemies are nearby.

Deflect projectiles but keep an eye on attacks that are NOT projectiles. For example, you have to be careful of characters that unleash beams.

With the Swift Strike, Genji can rapidly dash forward and inflict damage on enemies. The best part is that eliminations reset the cooldown. If you initiate this while surrounded by enemies, you can get back-to-back kills and hopefully, the POTG too.

Escape tricky situations by wall climbing and double jumping. Practice your movement and make it erratic so that hitscan players aren’t able to headshot you. Genji players can also use wall climbing to catch snipers off-guard.

Practice flanking enemies, draining their HP, and getting out of the way quickly. If an enemy player doesn’t have a quick response time, you can easily get the kill right there.

The best Support characters for Genji can be Mercy and Ana, so if you have one of them or both on your team, you are likely to get more kills and possibly even solo carry.

tips and tricks to play genji

Another thing you should get a hang of in the Practice range is the distance and impact of your attacks. Switch up the placement of your Genji and change the hero you are attacking to see how much damage they take and how much HP they have. Knowing this like the back of your hand will allow you to find your targets better.

During your practice vs AI, in the practice range or in custom games, focus on accuracy first and speed second. Eventually, they can come together to make you an OP Genji.

Don’t forget that you can dash in the air and get that Mercy, Pharah (or Pharmercy) and Echo player which may need some practicing from your end.

Before using your abilities or melee attacks always right-click to guarantee kills. You can practice a combo of shurikens + dash + melee to deal damage. If this becomes muscle memory, matches will get easier for you.

Keep an eye on the number of shurikens you have before you head into a crowd of enemies.

Use dash when you see an enemy away from the group, especially on higher ground. This, along with your deflect, will land you a kill while the team is focused elsewhere and healers aren’t possibly nearby as well.

If you are faced with enemies like Moira, Winston, Zarya, Echo, Roadhog and Symmetra, you have to be extra careful because they can damage Genji quite a bit. Apart from that specific attacks from Cassidy (his Magnetic Grenade), Torbjorn’s turrets and Mei’s Endothermic blaster can also be tough for Genji to handle.

If you end up finding yourself very close to enemies, make sure to use your double jump to jump over them while also maintaining your crosshair on their heads. This way, you have a chance of surviving in this 1v1. Here’s a list of custom game maps that you can practice your aim on static as well as moving enemies.

Last but not the least, even though Genji is a “hyper” hero, you have to stay calm as you track enemies’ heads throughout the game. So you need to avoid panicky camera movement if you are new to Genji and calmly plan out your next move. This will take time but will eventually happen.

So, as soon as you master the mechanics, combos, tricks and follow up on your teammates’ attacks with dashes or abilities of your own, you will be able to get good at Genji in Overwatch 2. If you encounter a powerful Genji player from the opponents in your match, you can watch a replay of the match to see what they did to get those kills.

Hopefully, these tips helped you out. For more related to OW2, check out our wiki guide on Gamer Tweak.