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Overwatch 2 Aim Training Custom Map Game Codes

Check out these OW2 Aim Trainer Custom Map Codes and improve your headshot accuracy!

Having a good aim is going to help you dominate the battle in OW2, but many new players struggle because of how high-octane the matches are. Plus, seeing your opponents jump around and flank you out of nowhere can be confusing. Thankfully, there’s a way you can practice your aim with bots who move similar to how players do in-game and that’s through custom maps. Here are some of the best custom map game codes that can help you with aim training in Overwatch 2.

OW2 Aim Trainer Custom Map Codes

These maps have various challenges. Some have jumping opponents, constantly moving ones as well as enemies that attack back. You can mess around with settings to throw a higher difficulty at you and see how your aim improves with practice.

Here are the best Aim Trainer Workshop Maps in OW2:

  • GBM5N
  • CT04V
  • KAVE5
  • 6CJXR1
  • AA5QQ

Thanks to the creators for making these helpful maps! Check out what they have to offer and how to use these workshop codes further ahead in this guide.

Aim Training Game Code: GBM5N

jumping heroes aim trainer ow2

This is where you can fight enemies that move side to side and jump so that you can practice those headshots. Try to get as many eliminations as possible within a certain time limit with the heroes you wish to main in the future.

Game Code: CT04V

how to use custom map codes overwatch 2

The opponents in this map move like players would and they shoot back. You can check your accuracy, eliminations per minute and you can switch up the difficulty as you wish (look up to change the settings). If you are annoyed by Genji players constantly flanking you or Mercy players who never touch the ground, practice shooting them here.

Game Code: KAVE5

jumping strafing heroes ow2 aim

In this custom map, you can practice various skills including hitting flying heroes. Once you get the hang of it and can predict the next movement of the enemy, your headshot accuracy will get much better.

Game Code: MHGGS

junkertown custom map

This is where you can fight an entire bot enemy team and see the kind of damage you do. You can bring friends along to fight them in Junkertown and see which heroes work best for everyone.

Aim Training Game Code: 6CJXR1

lijiang tower ow2

This map is set in Lijiang Tower and features flying heroes that are tough to kill quickly unless your aim is godly.

Game Code: VAXTA

custom game map

In this game map, the heroes move pretty naturally, and practicing here can prove to be useful in actual matches.

Game Code: AA5QQ

aim training maps overwatch

This map to great to test out your response time when you see a target. One of the reasons why seasoned players manage to get those headshots is due to their quick reflexes, even while playing as a sniper. With practice, this will come easily to you.

How to Import and Use Custom Map Codes in OW2?

If you are new to Overwatch or trying out Custom games for the first time, follow the process mentioned below to join already-created maps and hero settings.

custom game map code ow2

  • From the mode selection screen, click on Custom Games.

create custom game

  • Click on the orange Create button.
  • From the options at the top right of the screen, click on Settings.

import code ow2

  • Now import a map by clicking on the downwards arrow button.

import game settings

  • Type the aim training map code in Overwatch 2 here and hit OK.
  • Once the information loads up, press ESC to go back.

start custom workshop game

  • Click on START.
  • Spawn into the map and now, you are ready to play.

That’s all about the best aim trainer OW2 custom map codes and how to import and use them. While you are here, be sure to check out our article on the best heroes for each map and more in our Overwatch 2 wiki guide.