How To Play Support In Overwatch 2

Kevin Almeida
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Support roles are the most underrated roles in Overwatch as you might have noticed in your PvP games. This is because most Support characters don’t have the kind of abilities to frag out and usually play in the sidelines healing or otherwise setting their teammates up for getting kills. However, Support classes are important as ever as it becomes apparent in pro-play. This role and characters, apart from healing, possess various different abilities that become crucial in team fights and sometimes even becomes your win condition. If you’re someone who likes playing a passive playstyle and likes guiding your teammates, this guide is for you. We will discuss all the tips you need to play a Support character in Overwatch 2.

How to Play Support Role in Overwatch 2

As a Support player, your basic instinct should be to stay out of the enemy’s line of fire and survive as long as possible to help your teammates. Most Support characters offer mobility skills that allow you to quickly escape the clutches of the opposing team in case you’re in a bad spot. As such, most Support heroes also have additional offensive abilities that require you to get in the action to give your team the edge in a fight. Ana’s Sleep Dart/Biotic Grenade and Kiriko’s Kunai dagger are a good example of this. Nonetheless, these following tips will help you become an effective Support player:

Overwatch 2 How To Play Support

Team Function

Now, the team’s functioning largely depends on the composition where OW2 brings the biggest change yet. With the new 5v5 and one-Tank only mandate, the two Support characters in a default comp should coordinate roles where the main Healer support helps the important role of Tank. The defense abilities of a Tank are crucial for Support players as well.


As mentioned, Support players should always stay out of heavy combat but also stay close enough to their team. This is so you can heal or provide them with other utility as quickly as possible. Also this becomes essential when you’re using characters like Mercy or Kiriko since your movement abilities are efficient in the vicinity of your allies.

Play offensively when required

Although, Support agents don’t have the kind of abilities that deal critical damage, you shouldn’t shy away from taking fights when needed. Those chip damages and debuffs you give to your enemies are rewarding as an eventuality. This is an overall advantage for your team. You should especially aim for getting as much damage as possible when you have an edge in a fight. For example, Mercy in her ultimate has the ability to fly and has unmatched movement speed. You can use this to your advantage by flying in and deal damage with Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster that also has unlimited ammo during the ultimate.

Coordinate to Play Support in Overwatch 2

As a Support, you must always coordinate with your team for using your abilities that give them an advantage for attacks. A lot of Support characters have abilities that provide buffs to allies and de-buffs to enemies that need to be timed at crucial moments in a match.  These synergies with your DPS and Tank allies can even become extremely rewarding and you may end up winning the matches.

That’s all there is on how to play Support in Overwatch 2. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to play a DPS in in this game.

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