Fix Overwatch 2 Friends List Empty & Not Showing Up

Looking for your Friends List in Overwatch 2 but it is not showing up? Here's a fix for it.

The awaited sequel of Overwatch is now available and fans of the first-person hero shooter are lining up for it. While players are excited to get started with Overwatch 2, these are early days in the game, and many face long queue times. And since it is still early days, the game is facing quite a lot of bugs that Blizzard have to solve. Although some might be fixed by the next update or hotfix, you still need a solution in the meanwhile. The latest bug that players have reported is the one after which your friends list does not show up in Overwatch 2. And though the devs will fix this at some point, a solution is necessary. We recommend you check out this guide and see the potential fixes for this problem.

How to Fix Friends List Empty or Not Showing Up in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Friends List Empty

While the friends list not showing up in is one of the multiple bugs that the game is facing, most of them will be fixed by the devs. That does not mean that you need to wait on your gaming time. There are a few potential fixes that might be fruitful for you. But before we go there, make sure that your Internet Connection is working properly.

Since that is out of the way, here’s how to fix the Friends List not showing up in Overwatch 2:

  • Firstly, you can use the chat box in the main menu to invite your friends. Type /invite username in the space and that should work for you.
  • Next, you can ask one of your friends to add you to the team. Since the issue is more likely to be limited to you, one of the other team members can add you.
  • You can try restarting the game and it might fix the friends list empty in Overwatch 2 bug. Since it is a temporary issue, this might work as a solution.

While these are the solutions so far, it is never a bad idea to write to the devs. You can contact Blizzard support and mention the bug you are facing.

That’s all there is on the Friends list not showing up in Overwatch 2. While you are here, do not miss our other Overwatch 2 guides at Gamer Tweak.

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