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How To Counter Brigitte In Overwatch 2

Here's a guide to the heroes that can counter Brigitte in OW2.

Brigitte is the closest a healer can come to being a tank. Her melee abilities and passive healing for her and her team make her a formidable opponent. Here is a list of heroes that can counter Brigitte in Overwatch 2.

How to Counter Brigitte in Overwatch 2

Brigitte counter overwatch 2

Below is a list of heroes that are great counters to Brigitte:

  • Pharah
  • Zarya
  • Junkrat

Let’s look at them in a bit more detail.


Pharah is the best DPS character you can switch to if Brigitte is on the opposite team. As an airborne character, she is always out of Brigitte’s damage range and can constantly chip away at her health. Spamming Pharah’s rockets while Brigitte’s using her shield is a great way to damage her as the personal shield, doesn’t cover her sides, leaving her exposed.


Zarya’s Particle Barrier bubble perfectly matches Brigitte’s melee attacks, as any damage makes Zarya’s Particle Cannon stronger. But this barrier can also be projected on your allies to make Bigitte’s life harder. All this, combined with Zarya being in the tank class, makes her a formidable hero against Brigitte.


Brigitte excels at close-quarters combat, and her shield dash is nightmare fuel. A great trick to stop her is to keep your distance and chip at her shield and health with sustained damage. Junkrat is an excellent pick for this role with his frag launcher that can bounce grenades around corners, keeping you out of Brigitte’s sight. His concussion mines can blast your way to a safe distance or higher ground when caught in a corner. A well-played Junkrat can create some real problems for any Brigitte.

Heroes like Bastion, Widowmaker, and Torbjorn are great alternate picks to counter Brigitte.

That’s all we have on which heroes make the best counter to Brigitte. Check out our guide on How to Counter Ramattra and other Overwatch 2 related tips and news here on Gamer Tweak.