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Overwatch 2: Rarest & Unique Skins 2023 (Some Change Voice Lines)

Today we will look at the best rarest & unique skins you can get for Overwatch 2 in 2023.

Overwatch has had its own share of unique skins since the preorder days. But the value & rarity of these skins is unknown to the new players who recently just jumped in on the OW2 trend. There are skins that are so rare that accounts or redeem codes with these skins are sold for over $800 on eBay. But all of these changed since Blizzard added phone number authentication to OW2 accounts. Also, many of the skins have become unobtainable anymore. So to help you find all these skins in one place, we have collected the data and ranked them on this page. So here’s our list of all the best rarest & unique skins you can get for Overwatch 2 in 2023.

Most Expensive Overwatch Skins
Accounts or redeem codes with rare Overwatch skins are sold for over $800 on eBay

The best part of Overwatch was the loot boxes. They were easy ways to access up to 363 skins, as 211 skins had to be collected by different means. Loot boxes are now removed from Overwatch 2, making previously available skin now bit rare compared to before. Also, due to the team color changes of Los Angeles Valiant, San Francisco Shock, & Florida Mayhem, 186 skins are no longer for sale in the game. So if you want to know how much your account is worth for fun, then websites like playerauctions.com will let you calculate how much all your skins & gold guns can be worth.

Rarest & Unique Skins in Overwatch 2 (2023)

Rarest Unique Skins in Overwatch 2

Here is the list of all the best, rarest & unique skins in Overwatch 2 (2023) in my opinion:

Hero Skin Calculated Rarity Event
Mercy Pink Unobtainable now BCRF Charity Event
Zarya Alien Unobtainable now MVP 2019
Widowmaker Noire Very Rare Preorder
Bastion BlizzCon 2016 Very Rare BlizzCon 2016
Winston BlizzCon 2017 Very Rare BlizzCon 2017
Genji Illidan Very Rare BlizzCon 2019
Symmetra Tyrande Very Rare BlizzCon 2019
Sombra Demon Hunter Very Rare BlizzCon 2018 & Halloween Terror 2019
Genji 2018 Pacific All-Stars Very Rare All-Stars Weekend 2018
Tracer 2018 Atlantic All-Stars Very Rare All-Stars Weekend 2018
Mercy 2019 Atlantic All-Stars Very Rare All-Stars Weekend 2019
Lúcio 2019 Pacific All-Stars Very Rare All-Stars Weekend 2019
Widowmaker Kerrigan Very Rare 2018 Starcraft 20th anniversary
Reinhardt Raynhardt Very Rare BlizzConline Heroic Pack Tier (Celebration Collection)
Mercy Dr. Ziegler Very Rare Recall Challenge
Mercy Snow Angel Very Rare Winter Wonderland 2019 Challenge
Genji Oni Very Rare HotS Play any 5 Games
D.Va Nano New Challenges less likely to happen Nano-Cola Challenge
Ana Bastet New Challenges less likely to happen Bastet Challenge
Baptiste Combat Medic New Challenges less likely to happen Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge
Reaper Dusk Reaper New Challenges less likely to happen Code of Violence Challenge
Hanzo Kyōgisha Very Rare Kanezaka Challenge
Baptiste Vampire Very Rare Halloween
Sigma Maestro Sigma New Challenges less likely to happen Sigma’s Maestro Challenge
Baptiste Terracotta Medic Very Rare Lunar New Year
Roadhog Midas Very Rare Was available around Feb 2021 (Tokens)
Ana Haroeris Very Rare Was available around June 2021 (Tokens)
Hanzo Nihon  Long shop rotation period Summer Games
Bastion Omnic Crisis Long shop rotation period
Discontinued 186 Overwatch League 2018 skins

Some skins (including those from the above list) were given out to players at different events. For example, Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 had some skins that were considered rare.

Previous Rare Skin Now Available From Shop/Packs (Paid)

Following Origins Edition skins (previously ‘very rare’) are removed from the above table as they are included as part of Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack:

Hero Skin Event
D.Va Officer HotS Play 5 Games vs other players
Bastion Overgrown Origins Edition
Pharah Security Chief Origins Edition
Blackwatch Reyes Blackwatch Reyes Origins Edition
Soldier: 76 Strike Commander Morrison Origins Edition
Tracer Slipstream Origins Edition

Before OW2 Watchpoint Pack, D.Va’s Officer skin was infrequent among the 50 million OW player community.

Why “Pink” & “Alien” Are the Rarest Skins in the Game?

Yes, the “Pink” Mercy skin & “Alien” Zarya skins are the rarest & most unique skins you will ever encounter in Overwatch 2. Pink Mercy is no longer available because the “BCRF Charity Event” it benefited from is gone. Players may get charity-themed unlocks during a brief event that allows them to donate to charity. Players may purchase the Pink Mercy skin for $14.99. The focus of the event rapidly shifted to this skin. Before Overwatch 2, paying for skins was unheard of in the game. But many players paid for this skin mainly become it was for the said charity.


The Alien Skin for Zarya is likewise no longer a purchasable item. Former Overwatch League MVP Jay Won, also known as “Sinatraa,” created this skin. This was because Jay “Sinatraa” Won, the former Overwatch League MVP who worked on the cosmetic, was involved in a significant allegation. On June 16, 2020, the Overwatch League unveiled this celebratory in-game skin in recognition of his 2019 MVP award. In March 2021, however, after complaints surfaced, the OWL provided refunds for the skin and took off the MVP and OWL Championship badges from the skin. You may get more information on the claims in the linked Wikipedia article. More info regarding the allegations & ‘Alien’ skin is available on this linked Wikipedia page.

Overwatch 2 Skins That Change Voice Lines

The new highly customizable Genji Mythic skin, “Cyber Demon”  (one of best skins in the game) has a lot of new voice lines. Here’s a post from u/Proto_VI showcasing the unique voice lines in this skin (make sure to press unmute in the below video):

Now for the rest of the heroes, here are all the Overwatch 2 skins that change voice lines:

Heroes Overwatch 2 Skins Changed Voice Lines Changes During:
Tracer Punk or Ultraviolet Heh, w*nker. Final Blow
Track and Field or Sprinter False start! Recall
And she’s back in the race! Respawn
I got my second wind.
Whew! I think I hit the wall.
Feeling that runner’s high. Kill Streak
We’re almost to the finish line. Let’s do this! Time Running Out
Let’s go for the gold! Set-up
Don’t forget to stretch!
On your marks, get set, go!
T.Racer or Mach.T Here comes… T. Racer! Hero Change
I’m in pole position! Set-up
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Jingle Dashing through the snow! (singing) Blink
Ho ho ho!
That’s some coal for your stocking! Pulse Bomb
Got ya something!
I think I heard some “slay” bells. *laughs* Kills
You were on the naughty list!
Ohh, sorry Santa! Eliminating Santaclad Torbjörn
Aw, Mei’s feeling the holiday spirit! Eliminating Mei-rry Mei
Waiting’s the hardest part! Set-up
Tracer’s coming to town! Hero Change
Cheers, love! The holidays are here! Hero Selected
You’re going on my nice list! Damage Boosted
Pharah Thunderbird or Raindancer Thunderbird systems online. Respawn
Mechaqueen or Raptorion Raptorion systems online. Respawn
Mercy Devil or Imp Mercy, as summoned. Hero Change
Heroes never die!… for a price. (teammates) Valkyrie
Dein Teufel ist da! (enemies)
Sigrún or Valkyrie Mercy is here. Hero Change
I am the chooser of the slain. Kill
Til Valhalla! (teammates) Valkyrie
Deine Walküre ist da! (enemies)
Witch Mercy, as summoned. Hero Change
Mercy has been summoned.
My servants never die! (teammates) Valkyrie
I still have use for you. (teammates) Resurrect
Deine Hexe ist da! (enemies)
Casting a healing spell. Healing Tether
My healing spell is upon you.
Your health is restored.
Maintaining the healing spell. Maintaining Healing Tether
Enchanting your damage. Damage Tether
My damage spell is upon you.
I have empowered you.
Maintaining the damage enchantment. Maintaining Damage Tether
Casting a spell on you! Healing/Damage Tether
Did someone call for a witch? Healing/Damage Tether
My spell is still upon you. Maintaining Healing/Damage Tether
Witches don’t die that easily. Respawn
I sense a concealed enemy. Sniper Sighted
I’m on fire, but this witch doesn’t burn. On Fire
Winged Victory Mercy has arrived. Hero Change
Onwards to victory! (teammates) Valkyrie
You needed a goddess? Healing Tether
Deine Göttin ist da! (enemies)
Hanzo Okami or Lone Wolf The wolf stirs from his den. Set-Up
The wolf marks his prey. Sonic Arrow
See through the wolf’s eyes.
Ōkami yo, waga teki wo kurae! (Self & enemies)
The wolf hunts for its prey! (teammates)
The wolf is sated. Dragonstrike Elimination
The wolf feasts.
The wolf hungers. Kill Streak
The wolf awakens. On Fire
The wolf howls within me.
The wolf stirs within me. Damage Boosted
I am ready to unleash the wolf. Ultimate Status (100%)
I choose you, spirit wolf. Replaced Voice Line
Cassidy Gambler or Riverboat Cassidy, all in! Hero Change
Not time to fold’em yet. Respawn
Might be on tilt. Might be, I don’t care.
Just wasn’t in the cards for you.  Final Blow
Jackpot! Kill Streak
Mystery Man or Vigilante The weed of crime bore some… crazy fruit. Datamined
I’ve saved your life. It belongs to me now.
I know the evil that lurks in the hearts of men.
Cassidy always knows.
It’s high moon. (self & enemies) Deadeye
Blackwatch Cassidy reporting. Hero Change
Van Helsing Hail. Hello
Well met.
Cassidy here. Hero Change
Lifeguard It’s high tide. (self & enemies) Deadeye
Someone call the ambulance. Deadeye Elimination
Don’t run. Flashbang
No running!
D.Va Junebug or B.Va All systems buzzing! Call Mech
Taking flight! Boosters
Weapon systems are buzzing! Damage Boost
Bzzzzzz! Final Blow
Did that sting?
I’m the queen bee! Kill Streak
Junker or Scavenger You hear me, baby? Hold together! Respawn
Mediocre. Final Blow
Remember me? Revenge
Officer D.Va Now authorized to use lethal force. Round Start
D.Va reporting in! Hero Change
That was your last warning! Final Blow
You have the right to remain… oh.
You’re going to get a parking ticket.
Cruiser We got this made in the shade! During Setup
Pop the clutch and let’s go! Round Start
Hopped up and ready to kill!
I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin! Respawn
Grr, flooring it! Boosters
Burning rubber!
Firing up! Call Mech
Time to split! Eject
Cutting out.
Get bent! Final Blow
Cool it.
You ordered a knuckle sandwich? Melee Final Blow
Hey, daddy’o! Hello
Right’o! Acknowledge
No sweat!
I’m cookin’! On Fire
Far out! Datamined
Widowmaker: This is no place for children. Pre-match Conversation
D.Va: Hey, I’m no ankle-biter!
Mei Firefighter or Rescue Mei Mei on duty. Hero Change
I’m on fire! Isn’t that against regulations? On Fire
Mei-rry Happy holidays! Final Blow
You have to let it snow. Replaced Voice Line
Chang’e Those astronauts never found me! Datamined
Home sweet home.
Do you think there’s any bunny food around here?
Beekeeper Ow! That stings! Respawning
Genji Baihu Dragonblade
Byakko no ken o kurae! (self & enemies)
The white tiger becomes me! (teammates)
Oni Dragonblade
Oni no ken o kurae! (self & enemies)
The demon becomes me! (teammates)
Waga kokoro wa oni no kokoro.
Sentai Genji’s here. Hero Change
Break the limit! Final Blow
Fantastic technique!
Unbreakable body!
Kendoka Thank
Arigato gozaimashita!
Cyberdemon The light becomes me! (teammates) Dragonblade

That was all for our list of all the best, rarest & unique skins you can get for Overwatch 2 in 2022. While here, don’t forget to find out what souvenirs are in OW2. And for more related to this game, head over to our Overwatch 2 guides.