Overwatch 2: Best Skins For Every Hero In OW 2

Here are our top picks for the best skins in Overwatch 2 across all hero characters.

Overwatch 2 came out with fresh new looks of characters with updated looks. But fear not, your favorite skins from Overwatch 1 can be quickly transferred to Overwatch 2 too. But if you are new to the game, and with the new currency system, you might be wondering which skins to spend your coins on. So today we will look at all the best skins in Overwatch 2.

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Best Skins to Pick in Overwatch (OW) 2


As the first-ever highly customizable Genji Mythic skin “Cyber Demon” can now be considered the current best Skin in Overwatch 2. This skin has customizable layers with options for different patterns & color schemes.  It’s truly one of a kind in the history of Overwatch. But to unlock it you need to reach Tier 80 once you purchase the Premium Battle Pass. Here are other skins included as part of the Overwatch 2 season 1 Battle Pass:

  • Epic Winston skin: Tactical (Tier 10)
  • Legendary Kiriko skin: Hinotori (Tier 20)
  • Legendary Sojourn skin: Commando (Tier 30)
  • Epic Junker Queen skin: Beast Hunter (Tier 40)
  • Legendary Mercy skin: Miko (Tier 50)
  • Legendary Pharah skin: Sky Centurion (Tier 60)
  • Epic Cassidy skin: Forest Ranger (Tier 70)
  • Mythic Genji skin: Cyber Demon (Tier 80)

New mythic skin will be released with every season’s battle pass. We will be ranking them once more are revealed in the coming months. Meanwhile, there are other legendary & epic skins you need to check out. With that said, here are our top picks for the best skins in Overwatch 2 across all hero characters:

Heroes Skin Rarity
Legendary Epic
Ana Sniper Merciful
Ashe Tiger Huntress Merry Outlaw
Baptiste Funky Wasteland
Bastion Gwishin Rooster
Brigitte Vampire hunter General
Cassidy Van Helsing Undead
D.Va EDM Midnight
Doomfist Jötunn Kìnnìún
Echo Camo Hot Rod
Genji Blackwatch Carbon Fiber
Hanzo Lone Wolf Demon
Junker Queen Wastelander Beast Hunter
Junkrat Dr. Junkenstein Jailbird
Kiriko Hinotori Matsuri
Lúcio Equalizer Gorgon
Mei Pajamei Snow Plum
Mercy Valkyrie Fortune
Moira Banshee Éireannach
Orisa Immortal Sanye
Pharah Aviator Anubis
Reaper Nevermore Shiver
Reinhardt Greifhardt Paragon
Roadhog Toxic Rudolph
Sigma Asylum Talon
Sojourn Cyber Detective Runner
Soldier: 76 Cyborg: 76 Venom
Sombra Black Cat Jester
Symmetra Oasis Qipao
Torbjörn Magni Woodclad
Tracer Slipstream Lightning
Widowmaker Scorpion Spider
Winston Gargoyle Tactical
Wrecking Ball Submarine High Roller
Zarya Barbarian Racer
Zenyatta Cultist Carbon Fiber


Sniper (Legendary skin)

Ana Sniper (Legendary skin)

Merciful (Epic skin)

Ana Merciful (Epic skin)


Tiger Huntress (Legendary skin)

Ashe Tiger Huntress (Legendary skin)

Merry Outlaw (Epic skin)

Ashe Merry Outlaw (Epic skin)

Baptiste (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Funky (Legendary skin)

Baptiste Funky (Legendary skin)

Wasteland (Epic skin)

Baptiste Wasteland (Epic skin)


Gwishin (Legendary skin)

Bastion Gwishin (Legendary skin)

Rooster (Epic skin)

Bastion Rooster (Epic skin)


Vampire hunter (Legendary skin)

Brigitte Vampire hunter (Legendary skin)

General (Epic skin)

Brigitte General (Epic skin)


Van Helsing (Legendary skin)

Cassidy Van Helsing (Legendary skin)

Undead (Epic skin)

Cassidy Undead (Epic skin)

D.Va (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

EDM (Legendary skin)

d va Officer Legendary skin

Midnight (Epic skin)

.va Midnight Epic skin

Doomfist (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Jötunn (Legendary skin)

Doomfist Jötunn (Legendary skin)

Kìnnìún (Epic skin)

Doomfist Kìnnìún (Epic skin)


Camo (Legendary skin)

Echo Camo (Legendary skin)

Hot Rod (Epic skin)

Echo Hot Rod (Epic skin)


Blackwatch (Legendary skin)

Genji Blackwatch (Legendary skin)

Carbon Fiber (Epic skin)

Genji Carbon Fiber (Epic skin)


Lone Wolf (Legendary skin)

Hanzo Lone Wolf (Legendary skin)

Demon (Epic skin)

Hanzo Demon (Epic skin)

Junker Queen

Wastelander (Legendary skin)

Junker Queen Wastelander (Legendary skin)

Beast Hunter (Epic skin)

Junker Queen Beast Hunter (Epic skin)


Dr. Junkenstein (Legendary skin)

Junkrat Dr. Junkenstein (Legendary skin)

Jailbird (Epic skin)

Junkrat Jailbird (Epic skin)


Hinotori (Legendary skin)

Kiriko Hinotori (Legendary skin)

Matsuri (Epic skin)

Kiriko Matsuri (Epic skin)

Lúcio (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Equalizer (Legendary skin)

Lúcio Equalizer (Legendary skin)

Gorgon (Epic skin)

Lúcio Gorgon (Epic skin)


Pajamei (Legendary skin)

Mei Pajamei (Legendary skin)

Snow Plum (Epic skin)

Mei Snow Plum (Epic skin)


Valkyrie (Legendary skin)

Mercy Valkyrie (Legendary skin)

Fortune (Epic skin)

Mercy Fortune (Epic skin)


Banshee (Legendary skin)

Moira Banshee (Legendary skin)

Éireannach (Epic skin)

Moira Éireannach (Epic skin)


Immortal (Legendary skin)

Orisa Immortal (Legendary skin)

Sanye (Epic skin)

Orisa Sanye (Epic skin)


Aviator (Legendary skin)

Pharah Aviator (Legendary skin)

Anubis (Epic skin)

Pharah Anubis (Epic skin)


Nevermore (Legendary skin)

Reaper Nevermore (Legendary skin)

Shiver (Epic skin)

Reaper Shiver (Epic skin)

Reinhardt (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Greifhardt (Legendary skin)

Reinhardt Greifhardt (Legendary skin)

Paragon (Epic skin)

Reinhardt Paragon (Epic skin)


Toxic (Legendary skin)

Roadhog Toxic (Legendary skin)

Rudolph (Epic skin)

Roadhog Rudolph (Epic skin)


Asylum (Legendary skin)

Sigma Asylum (Legendary skin)

Talon (Epic skin)

Sigma Talon (Epic skin)


Cyber Detective (Legendary skin)

Sojourn Cyber Detective (Legendary skin)

Runner (Epic skin)

Sojourn Runner (Epic skin)

Soldier: 76 (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Cyborg: 76 (Legendary skin)

Soldier: 76 Cyborg: 76 (Legendary skin)

Venom (Epic skin)

Soldier: 76 Venom (Epic skin)


Black Cat (Legendary skin)

Sombra Black Cat (Legendary skin)

Jester (Epic skin)

Sombra Jester (Epic skin)


Oasis (Legendary skin)

Symmetra Oasis (Legendary skin)

Qipao (Epic skin)

Symmetra Qipao (Epic skin)


Magni (Legendary skin)

Torbjörn Magni (Legendary skin)

Woodclad (Epic skin)

Torbjörn Woodclad (Epic skin)


Slipstream (Legendary skin)

Tracer Slipstream (Legendary skin)

Lightning (Epic skin)

Tracer Lightning (Epic skin)


Scorpion (Legendary skin)

Widowmaker Scorpion (Legendary skin)

Spider (Epic skin)

Widowmaker Spider (Epic skin)


Gargoyle (Legendary skin)

Winston Gargoyle (Legendary skin)

Tactical (Epic skin)

Winston Tactical (Epic skin)

Wrecking Ball

Submarine (Legendary skin)

Wrecking Ball Submarine (Legendary skin)

High Roller (Epic skin)

Wrecking Ball High Roller (Epic skin)


Barbarian (Legendary skin)

Zarya Barbarian (Legendary skin)

Racer (Epic skin)

Zarya Racer (Epic skin)

Zenyatta (Best Overwatch 2 Skins)

Cultist (Legendary skin)

Zenyatta Cultist (Legendary skin)

Carbon Fiber (Epic skin)

Zenyatta Carbon Fiber (Epic skin)

That’s all for our top picks for the best skins in Overwatch 2 across all hero characters. While you are here, don’t forget to find out what are souvenirs in OW2. And for more related to this game, head over to our Overwatch 2 guides.