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Overwatch 2 Push Mode Explained

Want to learn about how the new Push mode works in Overwatch 2? Keep reading this guide to know everything about it.

Overwatch 2 has a new game mode called Push that the players are excited to learn about. It is a unique take on the escort mode of the original game but here you attack and defend at the same time. The core gameplay itself is very simple but getting control of the match makes it a bit complex. So without further ado let us learn everything about how to play the new Push mode works in Overwatch 2 and learn some tips for the same.

How to Play Push Mode in Overwatch 2


how to play push mode in overwatch 2

In Push Mode players of both teams try to control the robot to make it reach the opposite team’s spawn point. But this is just the oversimplified explanation of the mode. Here is all that happens during this game mode.

  • This mode takes place on a Symmetrical map. The reason for it is it gives both teams a fair chance at covering the distance. At the time of writing this article, you can play this mode on these maps.
    • New Queen Street
    • Colosseo
  • Teams spawn on the ends of the map, while the robot is at the center.
  • The Robot and the barricade-like payload unlock after 30 seconds. This gives both teams enough time to get to it and start fighting for its control.
  • The Robot will unlock and start moving when a team eliminates the other.
  • Players of the team that won will now move with the robot as it pushes the barricade to the spawn of the other team.
  • The team that loses control of the robot can still take it back by eliminating the opponent team.
  • When this team manages to get the control back, the robot will now turn and start pushing towards the opposite team’s spawn.
  • It is important to know that the robot moves faster when it is not pushing the barricade.
  • The more the players of the controlling team are near it the faster it moves. This condition works for both cases when pushing the barricade or when turning back.
  • There are two win conditions here.
    • The first is when you get the robot and the barricade to the opponent team’s spawn.
    • And the second condition is the team that managed to push the furthest distance wins. This distance is measured in meters from the center point of the map.


Tips for Push mode

These are some of the tips that will help you gain the upper hand in the match.

  • Get the first checkpoint: Getting the first checkpoint is very important as it will give you an advantage in the match. Once you reach the checkpoint you will spawn closer to the robot instead of all the way from the start.
  • Split the team when defending: Instead of all players surrounding the robot, disperse and do surprise attacks. This will increase the chance of you keeping control of the robot.
  • While attacking beware of crowd control: Pushing together is important, but if the whole team is too close the chances of everyone getting eliminated increases if the enemy uses some type of AoE attack. So plan your attack in such a way you can take control of the robot while also taking care of the opponents.


Now with the above information and tips, you should have no problem when you play Push Mode in Overwatch 2. You should also check our guides on Twitch drops not working, how to fix the unexpected server error, and how to ping in Overwatch 2.