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Best Overwatch 2 Crosshair For Every Hero (2023)

Here are our recommended crosshairs to use for every hero in Overwatch 2.

A good crosshair can make a world of difference in your aim in any FPS game. If you are playing Overwatch 2 on PC or console and not getting enough kills, try using one of these best crosshairs for every hero to see if you start getting better stats in matches. Specific heroes require a specific play style and an appropriate crosshair along with good skills can help you become the best player on the team. Note that these are our recommendations that you can start off with and then change the crosshair settings as per your preference.


Best Overwatch 2 Crosshairs For Every Hero

best crosshairs overwatch 2 heroes

There are a few crosshair options available for players in Overwatch 2 – Default, Circle, Crosshairs, Circle and Crosshairs, Dot. You can further customize your reticle by changing its color, thickness, opacity, outline, and more via the Advanced settings. Once done, practice shooting in the Practice range on static, moving and attacking enemies to see how they work.

These are the best OW2 crosshair settings to choose for all heroes in the Tank, Damage, and Support classes.

OW2 Hero Suggested Crosshair
D.va Circle
Doomfist Circle and Crosshairs
Junker Queen Circle
Orisa Circle and Crosshairs
Reinhardt Circle and Crosshairs
Roadhog Circle and Crosshairs
Sigma Circle
Winston Circle and Crosshairs
Wrecking Ball Circle and Crosshairs
Zarya Circle
Ashe Dot
Bastion Crosshairs
Cassidy Dot
Echo Circle
Genji Dot
Hanzo Dot
Junkrat Circle
Mei Crosshairs
Pharah Circle
Reaper Circle
Sojourn Crosshairs
Soldier 76 Circle
Sombra Crosshairs
Symmetra Crosshairs
Torbjorn Circle and Crosshairs
Tracer Crosshairs
Widowmaker  Dot
Ana Circle and Crosshairs
Baptiste Circle
Brigitte Circle and Crosshairs
Lucio Circle
Mercy Circle and Crosshairs
Moira Circle
Zenyatta Circle
Kiriko Crosshairs

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As mentioned above, there’s a chance that you may prefer a “circle” instead of our recommended “dot” crosshair for characters or vice versa – make sure to practice with the one you are most comfortable with and gives you a better aim for headshots or projectile attacks.


That’s all about the best crosshairs for every hero in Overwatch 2. If you are planning to team up with a friend and dominate the battle, try some of these two-hero combos.