Is It Possible To Play Overwatch 2 On Mac? (Answered)

Can you play Overwatch 2 on Mac? Check out this guide to know.

Overwatch 2 is a popular fast-paced multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Wherein you get to play as heroes from an iconic roster of 35 Heroes. What makes this game even more fun is that each Hero in OW2 has its own sets of strengths and abilities that one can take advantage of. While this game is enjoyed by players all over the world, it is no doubt how it successfully carries forward the legacy of its predecessors. As it is a multi-platform game available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, Mac users are feeling left out here. Those who have a Mac system are wondering if there is a way to play this game. If you are one of those players, then this article is all you need. Read till the end and know if you can play Overwatch 2 on Mac.

Can you Play OW2 on Mac?

Is It Possible To Play Overwatch 2 On Mac?
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Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 is not available to play on macOS. Devs actually never released this game on Mac systems due to unknown reasons. Moreover, Blizzard has no intention to launch it anytime sooner for Mac users. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use to play Overwatch 2 on Mac. Here’s what you can do.

Use Boosteroid to play OW2 on Mac

Boosteroid is a Cloud Gaming service that can be used to play games on Windows, Linux, Android, and even Mac. It is the most beneficial way to play Overwatch 2 as the system requirement on your Mac won’t matter while using Boosteroid. Moreover, you won’t have to download Overwatch 2, and hence there is no storage issue as well. The only thing you require is a good internet connection.

Use Windows Emulators

Further, you can use Windows Emulators like Parallels to use Windows on macOS. It is then possible to download and play Overwatch 2 in the Windows environment created by the emulators on Mac. Also, keep in mind that Parallels is a premium Windows Emulator. Ensure that you have an Intel Chipset in your device as this emulators won’t work on M1 & M2 chips.

That’s how you can play Overwatch 2 on Mac. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our OW2 Wiki on Gamer Tweak for in-depth information.