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Overwatch 2: How To Counter Moira With All Heroes

Who counters Moira best & how to counter her in Overwatch 2? Try these heroes.

One look at Blizzard’s forums and articles like “Moira is a bad character, not an overpowered one” will tell you why people hate Moira. Moira heals multiple teammates at a time, is easy to aim and deal damage, and her Fade ability to escape fights is annoying to deal with. Also watching Top 500 Moira’s main twitch streams will show you how good she can be around the maps. So today we will look at who counters Moira best & how to counter her with each hero in Overwatch 2.


How to Counter Moira in Overwatch 2

Who Counters Moira Overwatch 2

I main Moira, and from my experience, Roadhog is hands down the best hero to counter Moira. His “Chain Hook” ability & one-shot kill “Scrap Gun”. Also, if not timed correctly, Moira can’t evade using her “Fade” ability and she can be eliminated pretty easily. Apart from all this, Roadhog can use his Chain Hook to cancel Moira’s ultimate ability “Coalescence”. But with 30 meters max range, Moira tries to keep a distance before starting their ult.

Next, Junker Queen also very well counters Moira. Combining the “Jagged Blade” ability (using it to pull her) and then using Scattergun shots can easily destroy Moira. Pharah players can also deal damage easily to Moira at long range. Many new players find it difficult with Pharah because they fly very near the ground & Moira’s “Biotic Grasp” has a max range of 20 meters.


To understand more counters, you need first to understand how Moira’s abilities work. You need to get into practice range and try placing as Moira to get to know her ability cooldowns, and how her Fade works. So once you have that in mind, here are the best heroes to takedown Moira, mainly focusing on 1 on 1 in mind:

  1. Roadhog
  2. Junker Queen
  3. Pharah (only if flying over 20 meters high)
  4. Hanzo
  5. Reaper
  6. Bastion
  7. Cassidy
  8. Zarya

As a side note, avoid using Winston to counter her. Moira can easily use her “Healing Biotic Orb” to heal herself faster than any damage Winston can do to her. Especially in closed rooms, where the Orb will keep bouncing off the walls. Winston’s “Tesla Cannon” deals 50 damage/s at 8 meters. But she can deal damage to you at 20 meters. Tesla Cannon’s secondary (hold to charge) have a max range of 30 meters, but it only deals 50 max damage. And she will start to heal herself before your next shot. Even Winston’s ultimate “Primal Rage” deals 40 damage per swing. But Moira’s Biotic Orb will heal her 65 health/s. So in short, avoid Winston as a counter. Just use your “Barrier Projector” to protect your team, and let them take care of Moira.


Who Counters Moira Best in OW2

There are more heroes to counter her, but it will depend on your mastery over these characters. Let’s look at the best Overwatch 2 hero abilities & how to use them to counter Moira (best to worst) in my opinion:

Best Hero Counters Hero’s Best Ability to Counter Moira Tips
Roadhog Chain Hook Detailed above
Junker Queen Jagged Blade Detailed above
Pharah Rocket Launcher 2 direct hits
Hanzo Storm Bow Headshot
Reaper Hellfire Shotguns Use Wraith Form if she uses Fade
Bastion Configuration: Assault It’s a bit of effort for Moira to kill Bastion
Cassidy Peacekeeper 2-4 shots
Zarya Particle Cannon Make sure to waste Moira’s abilities first
Ashe B.O.B. Ultimate
Kiriko Kunai  2 headshots or 5 body damage
D.Va Defense Matrix Can destroy Moira’s orbs
Sigma Accretion 100 direct damage
Torbjörn Overload Get overhealth then use 2 shots with Rivet Gun
Zenyatta Orb of Discord Use only after Moira uses Fade
Orisa Energy Javelin Moira can’t kill her 1vs1
Wrecking Ball Piledriver Then use Quad Cannons to finsh Moira
Echo Sticky Bombs Keep flying above in the distance
Sojourn Railgun Use with Secondary Fire
Doomfist Meteor Strike Ultimate
Sombra Hack Block Moira’s abilities
Moira Biotic Orb Use the healing Orb for self-heal
Soldier: 76 Tactical Visor Ultimate
Genji Shuriken Use from long range, otherwise avoid Moira
Junkrat RIP-Tire Ultimate
Ana Sleep Dart & Biotic Grenade Moira can only Fade 1 of them unless she runs away
Widowmaker Widow’s Kiss 100% power
Brigitte Whip Shot Knock Moira off the Map edges
Lúcio Sound Barrier Ultimates of other teammates can take care of her
Reinhardt Rocket Hammer Max range only 5 meter
Baptiste Immortality Field Focus on self-heal (300 health)
Symmetra Avoid Moira
Tracer Pulse Bomb Ultimate but Moira can Fade away
Mercy Guardian Angel, to escape Fly away from Moira, and Boost other heroes
Mei Avoid Moira
Winston Avoid Moira See para above for detailed info

Hopefully, this helps you out. You can check out our OW2 Wiki guide for all tips and tricks we’ve covered till now which includes hero counters as well.