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Overwatch 2 Ultimate Voice Lines Of All Heroes

Know what your favorite heroes in OW2 are saying when you use their Ultimate.

Overwatch 2 brings back all the iconic characters from OW1 with some new additions, and each one of them has some pretty cool voice lines when you trigger their ultimate ability. In this guide, we have listed them all, along with the translations for those heroes who say their lines in their native language!


Overwatch 2 Ultimate Voice Lines of All Heroes

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Multiple OW2 characters have voice lines in their own language like Japanese, Russian, etc. So if you were curious to know what do they actually say, here’s a translation.

  • D.va – Nerf this!
  • Doomfist – Meteor strike!
  • Junker Queen – Time for the reckoning!
  • Orisa – Meet your fate!
  • Reinhardt – Hammer down!
  • Roadhog – *Angry Roadhog sounds*
  • Sigma – The universe sings to me! (Dutch)
  • Winston – *Primal rage roar*
  • Wrecking Ball – Area denied!
  • Zarya – Fire at will! (Russian)
  • Ashe – Bob! Do something!
  • Bastion – *Robotic sounds*
  • Cassidy – It’s high noon!
  • Echo – Copies the ultimate of an opponent.
  • Genji – Taste the blade of the dragon god! (Japanese) “Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!” / Oni (Skin) – Oni no ken o kurae! / Baihu (Skin) – Byakko no ken o kurae!
  • Hanzo – Let the dragon consume my enemies! (Japanese)
  • Junkrat – Fire in the hole!
  • Mei – Freeze! Don’t move! (Chinese)
  • Pharah – Justice rains from above.
  • Reaper – Die…die…die
  • Sojourn – This ends now!
  • Soldier 76 – I’ve got you in my sights!
  • Sombra – Turning out the lights! (Spanish)
  • Symmetra – This is the true reality! (Hindi)
  • Torbjorn – Molten core!
  • Tracer – Time to drop the bomb
  • Widowmaker – No one can hide from my sight.
  • Ana – You’re powered up! Get in there.
  • Baptiste – Light them up!
  • Brigitte – Rally to me!
  • Lucio – Oh, let’s break it down!
  • Mercy – Heroes never die!
  • Moira – Surrender to my will!
  • Zenyatta – Experience tranquility.
  • Kiriko – Let the Kitsune guide you!

All Overwatch 2 Ult Voice Lines (With Original Languages)

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If you are looking for the ultimate list compilation of all hero ult voice lines in Overwatch 2, we got you covered:

Hero Ultimate Voice Lines Meanings & Notes
Ana Nano Boost Warīhum quwitak! (Male Hero, enemies) Arabic: !وريهم قوتَك
English: Show them your strength!
Warīhum quwitik! (Female Hero, enemies)
Nano Boost administered. (teammates)
You’re powered up, get in there. (self and enemies)
Ashe BOB Bob! Do somethin’! (self and enemies)
Get in there, Bob. (teammates)
BOB (done) Attaboy, Bob.
Bob, get out of there!
Enough, Bob.
Good shootin’, Bob.
I can always count on you, Bob.
Thanks, Bob.
BOB (done without kills) Bob, I have HAD IT with you!
Dang it, Bob!
Step it up, Bob!
Baptiste Amplification Matrix Light them up! (to allies) Haitian Creole: Vide bal sou yo!
English: Rain bullets on them!
Vide bal sou yo! (enemies)
Bastion Configuration: Artillery (musical beeps) In Overwatch 1, it was:


Woo woo woo whee woo whee!
(Reconfiguration noises)

Brigitte Rally Rally to me! (self and teammates)
Alla till mig! (enemies)
In Overwatch 1, it was:

Swedish: Alla till mig!
English: Everyone to me!

Cassidy Deadeye It’s high noon. (self and enemies)
Draw! (when firing)
Step right up. (teammates)
D.Va Self Destruct Nerf this! (self and enemies)
Activating self-destruct sequence! (teammates)
Doomfist Meteor Strike Meteor strike! (self, enemies) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:


No escape!
You can honor me.
You can run…
You’re not getting away!

Incoming! (teammates)
Echo Duplication Adaptive circuits engaged! (self and enemies)
Duplication initiated. (teammates)
Genji Deadeye Ryūjin no ken o kurae! (self and enemies) Japanese: 竜神の剣を喰らえ!
English: Taste the blade of the dragon god!
The dragon becomes me! (allies)
Hanzo Dragonstrike Ryū ga waga teki o kurau! (self and enemies) Japanese: 龍が我が敵を食らう!
English: The dragon consumes my enemies!
Let the dragon consume you! (allies)
Junker Queen Rampage Time for the reckoning! (self and enemies)
Let’s take ’em to the Wasteland! (teammates)
Junkrat RIP-Tire Fire in the hole! (self and enemies) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

Come out and play!
I love my job!
Rest in pieces.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! (teammates)
Kiriko Kitsune Rush Let the Kitsune guide you! (self and teammates) Japanese: 狐の鉤爪を解き放て!
English: Unleash the fox spirit’s claws!
Kitsune no kagidzume o tokihanate! (enemies)
Lúcio Sound Barrier Oh, let’s break it down! (self and teammates) Brazilian Portuguese: Vamos esculachar!
English: Let’s mess it up!
Vamos esculachar! (enemies)
Mei Blizzard Dòng zhù! Bùxǔ zǒu! (self and enemies) Chinese: 冻住! 不许走!
English: Freeze! Don’t move!
Freeze! Don’t move! (teammates)
Mercy Valkyrie Heroes never die! (self and teammates) German: Helden sterben nicht!
English: Heroes never die!
Helden sterben nicht! (enemies)
Moira Coalescence Surrender to my will! (self and teammates) Irish: Géill do mo thoil!
English: Surrender to my will!!
Géill do mo thoil! (enemies)
Orisa Terra Surge Pade ayanmọ rẹ! (self and enemies) Yoruba: Pade ayanmọ rẹ!
English: Meet your fate!
Meet your fate! (teammates) In Overwatch 1, ult was “Supercharger”:

Cease your resistance! (self and enemies)
Team up for special attack. (teammates)

Pharah Barrage Justice rains from above! (self and enemies)
Rocket Barrage incoming! (teammates)
Ramattra Annihilation Suffer, as I have! (self and enemies)
Rip them to pieces! (teammates)
Annihilation (done) Was it worth it?
Reaper Death Blossom Die… die… die… (self and enemies)
Clearing the area. (teammates)
Reinhardt Earthshatter Hammer DOWN! (self and enemies) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

And stay down!
Don’t bother getting up!
No lying down on the job!

For the Crusaders! (teammates)
Roadhog Whole Hog (Whole Hog) In Overwatch 1 it was a maniacal laughter
Sigma Gravitic Flux Het universum zingt voor mij! (self and enemies) Dutch: Het universum zingt voor mij!
English: The universe sings for me!
What is that melody? (teammates) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

And they all fall down!
No one escapes gravity!
To dust, you shall return!

Sojourn Overclock This ends now! (self and enemies)
It’s go time! (teammates)
It’s gum-shoe time! (while in Cyber Detective skin)
Overclock – 1 Kill Calculated.
enemies down.
Who’s next?
You’re done.
Overclock – 2 Kills Double.
That’s two.
Two down.
Overclock – >3 Kills Canadian hospitality.
Cleaning house!
I warned you.
On a roll.
Overclock – Done Cooling down.
Cybernetics regulating.
Let’s get back to basics.
Soldier: 76 Tactical Visor I’ve got you in my sights! (self and enemies) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

Clean sweep.
I could do this with my eyes closed.
I love the smell of pulse munitions in the morning.
Target rich environment.

Tactical Visor activated. (teammates)
Sombra EMP ¡Apagando las luces! (self and enemies) Spanish: ¡Apagando las luces!
English: Turning off the lights!
EMP activated! (teammates)
Symmetra Photon Barrier Yahee param vaastavikata hai! (self and enemies) Hindi: यही परम वास्तविकता है!
English: This is the ultimate reality!
Reality bends to my will! (teammates)
Torbjörn Molten Core Molten Core! (self and enemies) Sometimes a Rare voice line says:

Molten Floor! (self and hostile)

Setting out the welcome mat! (teammates)
Tracer Pulse Bomb Thrown Bomb’s tickin’! From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

Ha! Smashing!
Out with a bang!
Someone set up you! *chuckles* The bomb! (very rare)
There she goes!
Tick tick, boom!

Bombs away!
Here goes nothin’!
Here ya go!
Present for ya!
Special delivery!
(giggles) Thought of you!
Time to drop the bomb!
Time’s up!
Wait for it…
Winging it!
Pulse Bomb Stuck to Player Gotcha!
Locked on!
Nailed it!
Right on enemies.
You need a time out.
Widowmaker Infra-Sight No one can hide from my sight. (self and teammates) French: Personne n’échappe à mon regard.
English: No one escapes my sights.
Personne n’échappe à mon regard. (enemies)
Zarya Graviton Surge Ogon’ po gotovnosti! (self and enemies) Russian: Огонь по готовности!
English: Fire at will!
Fire at will! (teammates) From Overwatch 1, after ult eliminations:

Feel the gravity.
Gravity kills.
That’s the power of attraction.

Zenyatta Transcendence Experience tranquility. (self and teammates) Even though he is from Nepal, all his lines are in English.
Pass into the Iris. (enemies)

Overwatch 2 Skins That Change Voice Lines

The new highly customizable Genji Mythic skin “Cyber Demon”  (one of best skins in the game) has a lot of new voice lines. Here’s a post from u/Proto_VI showcasing the unique voice lines in this skin (make sure to press unmute in the below video):

Now for the rest of the heroes, here are all the Overwatch 2 skins that change voice lines, including ultimates:

Heroes Overwatch 2 Skins Changed Voice Lines Changes During:
Tracer Punk or Ultraviolet Heh, w*nker. Final Blow
Track and Field or Sprinter False start! Recall
And she’s back in the race! Respawn
I got my second wind.
Whew! I think I hit the wall.
Feeling that runner’s high. Kill Streak
We’re almost to the finish line. Let’s do this! Time Running Out
Let’s go for the gold! Set-up
Don’t forget to stretch!
On your marks, get set, go!
T.Racer or Mach.T Here comes… T. Racer! Hero Change
I’m in pole position! Set-up
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Jingle Dashing through the snow! (singing) Blink
Ho ho ho!
That’s some coal for your stocking! Pulse Bomb
Got ya something!
I think I heard some “slay” bells. *laughs* Kills
You were on the naughty list!
Ohh, sorry Santa! Eliminating Santaclad Torbjörn
Aw, Mei’s feeling the holiday spirit! Eliminating Mei-rry Mei
Waiting’s the hardest part! Set-up
Tracer’s coming to town! Hero Change
Cheers, love! The holidays are here! Hero Selected
You’re going on my nice list! Damage Boosted
Pharah Thunderbird or Raindancer Thunderbird systems online. Respawn
Mechaqueen or Raptorion Raptorion systems online. Respawn
Mercy Devil or Imp Mercy, as summoned. Hero Change
Heroes never die!… for a price. (teammates) Valkyrie
Dein Teufel ist da! (enemies)
Sigrún or Valkyrie Mercy is here. Hero Change
I am the chooser of the slain. Kill
Til Valhalla! (teammates) Valkyrie
Deine Walküre ist da! (enemies)
Witch Mercy, as summoned. Hero Change
Mercy has been summoned.
My servants never die! (teammates) Valkyrie
I still have use for you. (teammates) Resurrect
Deine Hexe ist da! (enemies)
Casting a healing spell. Healing Tether
My healing spell is upon you.
Your health is restored.
Maintaining the healing spell. Maintaining Healing Tether
Enchanting your damage. Damage Tether
My damage spell is upon you.
I have empowered you.
Maintaining the damage enchantment. Maintaining Damage Tether
Casting a spell on you! Healing/Damage Tether
Did someone call for a witch? Healing/Damage Tether
My spell is still upon you. Maintaining Healing/Damage Tether
Witches don’t die that easily. Respawn
I sense a concealed enemy. Sniper Sighted
I’m on fire, but this witch doesn’t burn. On Fire
Winged Victory Mercy has arrived. Hero Change
Onwards to victory! (teammates) Valkyrie
You needed a goddess? Healing Tether
Deine Göttin ist da! (enemies)
Hanzo Okami or Lone Wolf The wolf stirs from his den. Set-Up
The wolf marks his prey. Sonic Arrow
See through the wolf’s eyes.
Ōkami yo, waga teki wo kurae! (Self & enemies)
The wolf hunts for its prey! (teammates)
The wolf is sated. Dragonstrike Elimination
The wolf feasts.
The wolf hungers. Kill Streak
The wolf awakens. On Fire
The wolf howls within me.
The wolf stirs within me. Damage Boosted
I am ready to unleash the wolf. Ultimate Status (100%)
I choose you, spirit wolf. Replaced Voice Line
Cassidy Gambler or Riverboat Cassidy, all in! Hero Change
Not time to fold’em yet. Respawn
Might be on tilt. Might be, I don’t care.
Just wasn’t in the cards for you.  Final Blow
Jackpot! Kill Streak
Mystery Man or Vigilante The weed of crime bore some… crazy fruit. Datamined
I’ve saved your life. It belongs to me now.
I know the evil that lurks in the hearts of men.
Cassidy always knows.
It’s high moon. (self & enemies) Deadeye
Blackwatch Cassidy reporting. Hero Change
Van Helsing Hail. Hello
Well met.
Cassidy here. Hero Change
Lifeguard It’s high tide. (self & enemies) Deadeye
Someone call the ambulance. Deadeye Elimination
Don’t run. Flashbang
No running!
D.Va Junebug or B.Va All systems buzzing! Call Mech
Taking flight! Boosters
Weapon systems are buzzing! Damage Boost
Bzzzzzz! Final Blow
Did that sting?
I’m the queen bee! Kill Streak
Junker or Scavenger You hear me, baby? Hold together! Respawn
Mediocre. Final Blow
Remember me? Revenge
Officer D.Va Now authorized to use lethal force. Round Start
D.Va reporting in! Hero Change
That was your last warning! Final Blow
You have the right to remain… oh.
You’re going to get a parking ticket.
Cruiser We got this made in the shade! During Setup
Pop the clutch and let’s go! Round Start
Hopped up and ready to kill!
I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin! Respawn
Grr, flooring it! Boosters
Burning rubber!
Firing up! Call Mech
Time to split! Eject
Cutting out.
Get bent! Final Blow
Cool it.
You ordered a knuckle sandwich? Melee Final Blow
Hey, daddy’o! Hello
Right’o! Acknowledge
No sweat!
I’m cookin’! On Fire
Far out! Datamined
Widowmaker: This is no place for children. Pre-match Conversation
D.Va: Hey, I’m no ankle-biter!
Mei Firefighter or Rescue Mei Mei on duty. Hero Change
I’m on fire! Isn’t that against regulations? On Fire
Mei-rry Happy holidays! Final Blow
You have to let it snow. Replaced Voice Line
Chang’e Those astronauts never found me! Datamined
Home sweet home.
Do you think there’s any bunny food around here?
Beekeeper Ow! That stings! Respawning
Genji Baihu Dragonblade
Byakko no ken o kurae! (self & enemies)
The white tiger becomes me! (teammates)
Oni Dragonblade
Oni no ken o kurae! (self & enemies)
The demon becomes me! (teammates)
Waga kokoro wa oni no kokoro.
Sentai Genji’s here. Hero Change
Break the limit! Final Blow
Fantastic technique!
Unbreakable body!
Kendoka Thank
Arigato gozaimashita!
Cyberdemon The light becomes me! (teammates) Dragonblade

These were the voice lines for every hero/character in Overwatch 2 when you trigger their Ultimate ability. If you are playing OW2 with a friend, here are some of my recommendations to play as a two-hero combo and dominate the battle.