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Overwatch 2 Moira Guide: How To Play (Changes & Strategies)

Get an upper hand in every battle by playing as Moira in Overwatch 2. Here's a guide on some tips and strategies you could use.

Overwatch 2 has added 3 new Heroes which makes a total of 35 iconic playable characters in the roster. Each of these Heroes has its own Strengths and Weaknesses that are important to know before entering a match. Moreover, these details let you utilize a character’s ability to its full potential and minimize the window for his weakness. Apart from many other Heroes that appear in the universe of Overwatch, Moira is one of them. She is a Support class character who specializes in Burst Healing her allies with her abilities. Those who have played Overwatch 1 might be familiar with Moira, however, there are some changes made to the characters. Check out this guide to know the changes that occurred to Moira and some of the best strategies while playing her in Overwatch 2.

Moira Changes & Character Rework in Overwatch 2

How to play as Moira in Overwatch 2

Earlier, Overwatch was a 6v6 game but now it’s a 5v5 showdown of Heroes. This reduction in the number of players provided the Heroes in Overwatch 2 with some nerfs and buffs. For Moira, the changes were like, a reduction in self-healing and healing through orbs. Further, the self-healing from her ability, Biotic Grasp is increased from 20 healing per seconds to 24 healing per seconds on self. Also, the healing value of the Biotic Orb is decreased from 75 healing per seconds to 65 healing per seconds upto 300 HP.  

How to Play as Moira in Overwatch 2 (Tips & Strategies)

Here are some tips and strategies that could prove effective while playing as Moira in OW2:

  • As a Support Hero, your primary objective will be healing your teammates. Also, if you get eliminated in the match, sooner or later, your team will crumble too. Therefore, it is recommended to use her Fade ability to avoid taking any lethal damage from the enemy.
  • Later, make sure to always use Biotic Grasp to heal your allies when they are on the verge of being eliminated. This is because other Healing ability like Biotic Orb takes comparatively more time to be cast by Moira in Overwatch 2.
  • In addition, Moira can use her secondary fire Biotic Orb to damage enemies who are low on health. It is the most secure way to score eliminations for Moira in Overwatch 2.
  • Make sure to stick up to your team and heal durable allies like Roadhog or Winston. Durable Heroes are more likely to withstand damage and put up a tough battle. In some instances, they might get overpowered, and hence it will be your duty to replenish their health using the Biotic Orb or Biotic Grasp.

That’s how to play as Moira in Overwatch 2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on Baptiste and Zarya in OW2.