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How To Play Torbjorn In Overwatch 2 (Tips & Strategies)

Here are the tips & strategies, that you can use to play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2 easily.

There are a whole lot of new things players are going to see in Overwatch 2. Many of the characters in the game have been reworked to provide a better gameplay experience. If you’re a veteran player, then you might be pretty familiar with all the old characters. One of the old characters is Torbjorn, a Swedish weapon designer. After his rework, some of his abilities were removed such as Armor Pack, and Scrap Collector. Also, according to the player’s rest of his weapons work considerably better. Since the characters have some upgrades let’s take a look at some Tips & new strategies to play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2.

Tips to Play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2 (Strategies Guide)

How To Play Torbjorn Overwatch 2

Here’s everything you need to know about tips & strategies to play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2. For those who are unaware he plays the role of a Damage hero and is unlocked by default. So without any further ado let’s dive into the tips & strategies.

  • Torbjorn is better at protecting and defending an area with the help of his tools, especially the Turret. So if you’re thinking of camping and killing enemies, then pick this hero without any doubt.
  • Speaking of his tools, his Forge Hammer is a lot more useful, than you think. Usually, it is used to deal damage at close range. But other than that, you can also use it to repair the Damaged Turret up to 50HP.
  • One of his alternative attacks known as the Rivet Burst can also help you take a good chunk of the enemy’s health. However, the Rivet Burst works similarly to a shotgun, so only count on its damage and not the accuracy.
  • If you’re wondering about Torbjorn’s weakness, then it’s that he lacks in mid to long-range fights. If you’re only aiming for a close-range fight, then he’ll have your back, with his heavy damage weapons.
  • When it comes to abilities Ultimate Molten Core is the most dangerous of them all if used right. This ability forms a pool of lava that can cause damage up to 160 per second, 90 against the armor. The tip to use this ability is to use it when 2 to 3 enemies are together in one spot.
  • We especially recommend you use Trobjorn for zoning and defense. That’s because he’s weak at flanking and fighting openly or aggressively.

These are all the tips & strategies that you can use to play Torbjorn in Overwatch 2. For more heroes tips & tricks check out how to play Baptiste, Junkrat, and other Overwatch 2 guides.