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Overwatch 2: Best Heroes For Players With Bad Aim

Have less than accurate aim? Don't worry. Here are the best characters you can play in OW2 even with bad aim.

Overwatch 2 can be an exciting game if you have a precise aim for headshots. Getting there takes time and loads of practice which may not be an option for some players. But you don’t have to miss out on the fun of OW2 if you have a bad aim – there are quite a few characters that you can play as and be an important part of the team without asking others to carry you. Here are the best Overwatch 2 heroes for players with bad aim.


Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Players with Bad Aim

best overwatch 2 characters bad aiming

These are our suggestions of the best characters to pick from every class if your aim isn’t perfect in OW 2. If skilled players choose these heroes, their output is going to be great, but even if you have less than accurate aiming skills, they can prove to be useful.

Best Tank Heroes for Bad Aim in Overwatch 2


Use his charge ability to smash an opponent against a wall, launch a fiery projectile that doesn’t need precise aiming and when required, use his Earthshatter ultimate to kill all enemies you are surrounded by. All of these abilities only require quick reflexes, timing, and mildly accurate aim.



Once he pushes into the battle, it is tough to get rid of his Tesla Cannon. Another way to deal intense damage is to use his Jump Pack ability which makes him leap into the air and land straight on an enemy. Lastly, his Primal Rage is exactly what it sounds like, he can leap and punch enemies after getting a boost of health.


His short-range scrap gun requires you to get close to the enemy and shoot them down. But if you are a bit farther, you can use the Chain Hook attack to drag them close to you and hit them with your gun. His ultimate Whole Hog allows your Roadhog to create mayhem with your weapon without needing good aim. Just point in the general direction of the enemy crowd and you will get some kills.


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Best DPS Characters for Bad Aim


Junkrat is a damage hero that deals with bombs, mines and steel traps. He can be a valuable companion to a team that has a DPS character with good aim. Simply keep throwing projectile weapons, explode mines and send off a flaming tire to take multi-kills in a crowd.



If you master her flying and make it erratic to attack, her explosive projectiles can land a barrage on enemies within a certain area from a high vantage point.


Symmetra’s turrets can damage and slow enemies and if accurately placed, will do some good work for you. Catch enemies off-guard by creating temporary teleporters to travel between them or create an energy barrier to protect your team. And if you can latch on to an enemy who has been backed into a corner, her Photon Projector will deal increased damage and get your kills.


Torbjorn’s Rivet Gun is powerful but if left unharmed, his Turret can get some kills on its own. His Molten Core will create a pool of molten slag that deals damage to enemies that find themselves in its area.

Best Support (Healer) Characters for Bad Aim


Moira can latch onto an enemy and take all their life from them in a few seconds, which is why she is dominating battles after OW2’s launch. She can switch between healing and damaging enemies if played well.


Similar to Moira, Mercy can connect with an ally and consistently heal them while also flying around. If you want to team up with a friend who plays as Pharah, it can be quite a powerful duo in the battle.

That’s all for this one. Don’t forget to check out our OW2 Wiki guide for all tips and tricks we’ve covered till now which includes hero counters as well.