Overwatch 2: How To Report Cheaters & Hackers

Don't let cheaters run rampant - here's how to report players in OW2.

Competitive online multiplayer games like Overwatch 2 are only fun and exciting to play when there’s an absence of cheaters. If you’ve come across a player who is using cheats including aimbots, wallhacks and more, you need to report them so that the devs can take the necessary action. Here’s how to report players (cheaters as well as hackers) quickly.

How to Report Cheaters and Hackers in Overwatch 2 (PC, Console)

While Blizzard’s anti cheat can detect cheaters and ban them, if you’d like to report players using a cheat software, hack or exploit in OW2, follow these steps:


Report Players via Chat Window

how to report players ow2
credit: nooblets.com on Youtube
  • Right click on the player name and click on Report.
  • Choose an option and type why the player was cheating.
  • Click on Send Report.

Report from the Social Menu

does overwatch report system work
credit: nooblets.com on Youtube
  • Open up the Social Menu
  • Find the Recent Players menu
  • Right click on the player and click on Report.
  • Choose an option and type a reason why you are reporting them.
  • Click on Send Report.


  • Open the Social menu.
  • Go to Groups or Recent Players menu.
  • Select the player to report.
  • Choose Report.
  • Type the information and submit the report.

Since Overwatch devs will be getting lots of cheating reports daily, you will most likely not receive a response. But you can rest assured that if the player is caught cheating, appropriate action will be taken against their account.

Overwatch Report System Not Working

If the in-game option to report cheating players isn’t working for some reason, you can take screenshots and videos as proof first. Next, you can send an email to [email protected] and the devs will take a look at it as soon as possible. If the player continues to behave in an abusive manner or use third party software, they will get suspended or banned permanently.

How do OW2 Hacks Exist?

Since the game is still in beta at the time of writing, many are wondering how do OW2 cheats and hacks even exist? There could be two reasons. One – it may be easy to create hacks based on those available for OW1. Two – the previous hacks may only need a few tweaks to work for the second title in the franchise. These are not confirmed, but only speculations at this point.

Now that the game is going free to play, Blizzard has to ensure that their anti-cheat software does the job well because cheaters will surely ruin the experience. While it may be tempting, make sure to never use cheating software, hacks and never take advantage of a bug because it puts your Blizzard account at risk.

That’s how to report players in Overwatch 2. If this helped you out, be sure to read more of our OW2 guides on Gamer Tweak.