Overwatch 2 Kiriko Guide: How To Play & Abilities Explained

Here is everything you should know about Kiriko in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 brings 3 new characters, and one of them is Kiriko which many players are interested to play. She is a support and a sub-DPS character. When checking out her abilities first, you might think she is only a healer. But you will be surprised how you can also use her abilities to get some quick kills. So in this guide let us check how to play Kiriko and how her weapons and abilities work.

How to Play Kiriko in Overwatch 2

how to play kiriko in overwatch 2 complete guide

You can play Kiriko as both a sub-DPS and a support character. Since her main role is support, a lot of her abilities are focused towards helping the players. But thanks to the critical damage her Kunai provides targetting them at your opponents can help you get a lot of kills. So in order to better understand how to play her let us check her weapons and abilities.

  • Weapons
    • Kiriko has 2 main weapons. Healing Ofuda and Kunai
    • Healing Ofuda: Kiriko throws paper-like talismans at the teammates to heal them. These are somewhat homing so as long as your aim is more or less locked to your teammate you should easily be able to heal them.
    • Kunai: The Kunai that Kiriko uses has low damage but to balance it out they can do additional critical damage. So when using her for DPS your aim should be your opponent’s head as much as possible.
  • Abilities
    • Wall Climb: This is the passive ability of Kiriko that allows her to jump at walls to climb them. This ability is the same as that of Hanzo.
    • Swift Step: Speaking of playing offensively, this ability can come in very handy in such a situation. Swift step allows you to teleport directly to an ally, even if they are on the other side of some wall.
    • Protection Suzu: Kiriko throws uses a small projectile known as the Protection Suzu. It makes the allies in the vicinity where it hits shortly invulnerable and even removes any negative effects or debuffs from them.
    • Kitsune Rush: Finally, let us check Kiriko’s ultimate: Kitsune Rush. She summons a fox spirit that rushes forward making a path. Allies and the player in this path get additional movement speed, attack speed, and increased cooldown.

So depending on your situation you can play as both a support and a DPS. For example, you can teleport to an ally and help them finish an opponent faster by double-teaming. Or if the entire team plans on pushing then using your Ultimate can be very helpful. Basically using the above abilities effectively, based on the situation you are in, will help you play Kiriko better.

That covers this guide on how to play Kiriko in Overwatch 2, and how her weapons and abilities work. If you are looking to try other characters then also check out our Sojourn guide. And for more help on this game check out our Overwatch 2 section.