Best Tips & Tricks To Play Ramattra In Overwatch 2

Here's a compilation of the best tips and tricks to play Ramattra in Overwatch 2 and make the most of his abilities in Omnic & Nemesis form.

Playing Ramattra is all about knowing when to switch from one form to another, which abilities to use together and how to make the most of your ultimate. Once you master the basics, you will be able to have synergy with fellow players to win matches. Here are some tips and tricks to play Ramattra in Overwatch 2 and how to get good at this hero.

Ramattra Abilities

Ramattra has multiple abilities which you can practice and master.

  • Void Accelerator (Omnic form) – Fires a stream of projectiles without damage falloff but it has a slow travel time.
  • Void Barrier (Omnic form) – Creates a barrier at the targeted location for a very short duration (around 4-5 seconds).
  • Pummel (Nemesis form) – Push forward and create a wave of piercing energy damage with every swing.
  • Ravenous Vortex (Both forms) – Fire a nano ball that explodes when it hits the ground and spreads a field that slows enemies and pulls them downward.
  • Annihilation (Automatic Nemesis form) – His ultimate where he creates an energy swarm surrounding himself. This will deal damage to all nearby enemies and pause the duration when damage is dealt.

Best Tips & Tricks to Play Ramattra in OW2

how to play ramattra ow2

The main thing to keep in mind overall is that playing Ramattra is all about cooldown management because his abilities and his health change accordingly. Know when to switch states, what to do against which hero, and take the right decisions based on maps – and then, you will be able to carry the game.

You can use your Ravenous Vortex and Void Barrier simultaneously, while also using your Staff to attack. The barrier has 1000HP but a long cooldown time so use it only when the situation requires it.

Focus on headshotting enemies while using your staff because it deals increased damage.

how to use void barrier overwatch 2

The shield is best used in choke points, that is, tight spaces like corridors where you want to block out a healer or a lone enemy.

Four Nemesis punches can kill smaller enemies, but you can also do a “3 punches + 1 melee attack” combo to get the job done faster.

Remember that blocking as Nemesis does not protect you against Orisa’s Javelin. Moreover, sometimes it’s better to block during Annihilation to let the swarm do the work. 

best tips ramattra ow2

If you encounter a situation where enemies are all around you, trigger your ultimate and go ham with your Pummel attacks. This will keep dealing damage and increase the duration of your Annihilation. If you use it during Overtime, it may just be the cherry on the cake you need.

Communicate with fellow players via Voice chat or text chat to watch your back when you are blocking. That’s when you are vulnerable to attacks.

If flying heroes like Pharah, Mercy, or Echo are higher than the range of the Vortex, ping a hitscan player to take them down while you focus on the ground enemies.

Use the primary fire on your Omnic form to drain health, switch to Nemesis, unleash the Vortex, and start pummeling. Note that these punches will pass through enemy shields.

He may not be very effective against snipers so watch out or you will be one-shotted. Having a healer by your side at all (or most) times will help. In closed spaces though, Ramattra can dominate more.

When he’s in his Omnic form, players have to be careful while playing because he isn’t the damage-taking beast at the time. During those moments, you may have to fall back, position yourself better and carefully plan your next move.

If you have a Lucio by your side, your Nemesis form will get speed which is good if you want to take out an entire crowd of foes.

how to use ramattra ultimate

Only trigger the Nemesis ult when you are sure all enemies are nearby and won’t have much opportunity to escape. You don’t want to waste it to kill just one enemy.

Use your blocking ability to block heavy incoming damage from enemies like Pharah,, and more.

That’s pretty much the main tips and tricks you need to remember to play Ramattra in Overwatch 2 well. Play lots of matches so that switching from your Omnic to Nemesis form becomes muscle memory. Master the cooldown management after practicing it thoroughly and see how it works! Make sure to also watch a lot of Ramattra videos by pro players because they do end up discovering new tricks and strategies for heroes.

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