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Overwatch 2: Best Characters To Use In Push Mode

About to play Push Mode in Overwatch 2 and are looking for the best character to use? Look no further than this guide for help.

Knowing the best characters to use in Push Mode in Overwatch 2, can help you get some wins. Choosing the right hero can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially if you are new, thanks to the 3 classes. So in this guide let us check the best characters from different classes to use in Push Mode in Overwatch 2.

Best Characters for Push Mode in Overwatch 2


best characters for push mode in overwatch 2

Below are the characters that are best suited for Push mode based on the classes and some alternatives for them.

  • Damage
    • Sojourn
    • Reaper
    • Tracer
    • Genji
  • Tank
    • Reinhardt
    • Winston
    • Doomfist
    • D.Va
  • Support
    • Lucio
    • Mercy


Best Damage Characters for Push Mode in Overwatch 2

Sojourn is the newest damage character in Overwatch 2 that is very good for Push mode. She has high mobility and her weapon is a railgun. You can use her primary fire, alternate fire, and ultimate to take out enemies quickly. The reason she is on this list is, that you can make the most out of her for flanking. The only con of this character is she does not have self-heal. So if you do play with her be prepared to be on the move and have a lookout for health packs. You should check our Sojourn guide to learn everything about her abilities.

In case Sojourn doesn’t work for you then you can also use Reaper, Tracer, or Genji. These characters are also excellent for dealing high damage and flanking.


Best Tank Characters

Having a tank in your team is a must and hence Reinhardt is one of the best tanks from the original game that you can use in Push mode. And Winston is the second-best option for the tank. The reason both of these are here is because of the rework they have received for their abilities and base stats in the new game. And you also have other alternatives like Doomfist and D.Va.

Best Support Characters


Another important role that a team should have is Support. And in Overwatch 2 you still have Lucio as the best support character, thanks to him being able to overheal the team. Not to forget that he can heal the team and also self-heal. Other than Lucio you can also use Mercy. She is an irreplaceable character that can revive the fallen teammates.

That covers this guide on the best characters to use in Push Mode in Overwatch 2. I suggest you check our Overwatch 2 section to get help on many more topics for this game.