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What Do Endorsements Do In Overwatch 2 (& Levels Explained)

All you need to know about Endorsements in OW 2 and how you can increase your Endorsement Level.

After completing a match, you may have seen a notification that says that you have received an endorsement. If you are a new player and wondering what Endorsements mean and what they do in Overwatch 2, here’s what you must know. There are some rewards associated with it and a level system as well.


What do Endorsements do in Overwatch 2?

  • Endorsements are a way of showing your appreciation to a player in OW 2 who played well in the match or without displaying any toxicity. After a match ends, you can give an endorsement to a maximum of two players on your team.
  • Endorsing a player earns you battle pass experience and as you keep receiving them, your endorsement level will increase. Based on that, you will be eligible to earn periodic Battle Pass XP rewards based on your level.
  • You can also unlock the Black Jack achievement if you earn 21 endorsements.

Where to see your Endorsement Level?

what is endorsement level overwatch 2

  • Click on Career Profile from the main menu.
  • Hit the Overview tab.
  • Right next to your Overwatch 2 name, there will be a number – that’s your endorsement level.

Things to know about your Endorsement Level

It can go from 1 to 5 and as you level up, you will need MORE endorsements per game to level up. It can also go down, so players need to consistently play with a positive approach, and be valuable members of the team to maintain or increase their level. As per some discussions on Reddit, it appears that not playing the game for some time can also reduce your endorsement level in OW 2.


Who should you endorse in OW 2?

how to earn endorsement level ow 2

They could have killed most opponents, healed allies correctly, or done anything that has helped you or the team out. It can also be a gesture to reward good behavior during the match. If you wish to endorse your friend, you will not be able to do that. And if someone wants to endorse you twice within 12 hours, that also won’t be allowed. But if you keep getting endorsements from other team members, Blizzard will recognize that you are far from a toxic player. Plus, you are an active and skilled player too.


That’s all about endorsements in Overwatch 2. For more related to OW 2, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.