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How To Counter Mei In Overwatch 2

Here are OW2 heroes that are perfect counters for Mei.

Mei is a tricky hero to counter; she could be described as a tanky DPS with highly useful abilities like cryo-freeze and ice wall. Many players who run into her find it difficult to break her down. So here are the heroes you can pick to counter Mei in Overwatch 2.

How to counter Mei in Overwatch 2

counter mei ow2
Here are the heroes that can best counter Mei.

  • Winston
  • Hanzo
  • Zenyatta
  • Widowmaker


Since Mei’s ice beam spray is deadly at short distances, Winston can simply counter this with his leap ability. The same strategy can be used anytime the ice wall is spawned, playing around with your barrier projection and use Landing to damage Mei when she starts using Freeze.


The best way to counter Mei is to keep your distance and what could be better than using one of the best DPS sniper characters in the game? Hanzo’s passive wall climbing ability and his double jump are great tools against her walls and should be used to put a quick distance between you and her.


Zenyatta will not only be able to keep his distance and snipe at Mei from across the map, but his ultimate is also a perfect counter to Mei’s blizzard. A great strategy against Mei is to wait for her to cryo freeze herself and charge release all your orbs once the freeze is over.


The classic all-sniper build of Widowmaker is an excellent counter to the short-range specialist Mei. Combining this with her grappling hook to get her out of tight spots and a handful of venom mines to keep the occasional flank at bay, Widowmaker is a strong counter to pit against Mei.

These are the OW2 heroes that could successfully counter Mei, Check out our guide on counters for Lucio, Junkrat, and other Overwatch 2 related articles on Gamer Tweak.