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In this Among Us Wiki guide you can get a massive index of guides, tips, cheats and what’s new in Among Us. This article is updated every day with latest information on the game. Among Us is an amazing multiplayer game to play with friends. Finding an imposter who’s job is to deceive his allies and hijack the ship is a strong reason to create a tension. Each one while doing their job will have to protect themselves from the imposter. A lot of thinking and strategy is needed to win this game as a Imposter. We had covered various guides on Among Us which includes latest tips, cheats, mods and lot more.

Among Us Wiki

This wiki guide is broken into different sections, like customization guides, tips, beginners tips, how to guides, cheat codes, mods and more.

Funny Names, Pickup Lines & Best Memes

  1. Best Pick Up Lines To Use In Among Us: This  will surely make you win someone over regardless if you win the game or not. Use these among us pick up lines.
  2. Clever Among Us Names To Pretend To Be A Crewmate: Some of the coolest Among Us names you can use to pretend you’re an innocent crewmate. As an impostor, these usernames will help you fake your identity.
  3. Among Us Funniest Cosplay’s: Among Us is an game you will neve forget. A imposter among friends, a game of betrayal and accusation. It is funny and awesome, and so its cosplays.
  4. Best And Funniest Chats: Among Us chats are some of the wildest (funny) discussions and here is our list of some of the best and funniest chats in Among Us.
  5. 20 BEST Among Us Memes: Looking for the best Among Us meme collection? Get it right here!
  6. 10 Best Emergency Meeting Among Us Memes: Here are some of the BEST Emergency Meeting Among Us Memes that you need to check out.
  7. More Among Us Memes for Sus Players: Reddit has some of the best memes and we’ve collected them right here.
  8. 40 Best Among Us Names: Looking for the best Among Us names to keep in the game? Want them to be good and weird? Here are the funniest usernames to use right now.
  9. 100 Cool & Unique Names For Your Character: List of the 100 Cool and Unique Among Us names that you can pick for your character.
  10. 40 Best Funny Among Us Name: Some players have shown their creative side with their funny Among Us names. Here’s a list of those! Pick any of them for your offline or online matches
  11. What Does Sus Mean In Among Us?: Playing this game but don’t know why everyone’s saying “Sus” in discussions? Find out what does Sus mean in Among Us with full context.
  12. Best Easter Eggs And Pop Culture References: All Easter eggs in Among Us refer to Henry Stickmin, as well as other popular tv shows and films like Looney Tunes, Futurama and Terminator 2
  13. What Does Cyan Mean In Among Us?: New players are confused about the same and I will explain what it means in this quick guide.

Strategy Guides on how to be a Pro Imposter?

  1. Easily Convince People To Skip As Imposter: Convincing people to skip as an impostor can be difficult. You will need to shift the blame, confuse people & more in Among Us to skip vote.
  2. How To Always Be An Imposter In Among Us: Everyone wants to be an imposter in Among Us, but can you always be one?
  3. How To Be An Impostor And Win: Wondering how to be an impostor and win in Among Us? Find out some essential tips and tricks in this Among Us impostor guide.
  4. Imposter Pro Tips: Already mastered the basic tips? Then here are the advanced tips you can use.

Competitive Game Settings Guide

Cheats & Mods Guide

  1. Among Us Polarmod Guide: Download one of the most popular mods for Among Us.
  2. How to always be a Imposter: Now your chances of becoming an imposter in every game have increased due to Among Us imposter glitch.
  3. Among Us iPhone Mod: Looking for Among Us iOS Mods? This article will guide you available Among Us iPhone mods and what they really do?
  4. Download Among Us Unblocked: Heard about Among Us Unblocked? Want to know what is the Unblocked version of Among Us Game?
  5. How To Play Among Us With 100 Players: Imagine playing Among Us with 100 players, all packed inside a ship, doing tasks and how fast will it be possible to find an imposter?
  6. Download Among Us On PC for free: How to Download Among Us on PC for Free? Can you get it without spending money? Yes, you can. Follow these steps to know how to do it easily.
  7. Blank Invisible Name: Wondering how to get no name in Among Us? You may have seen players with blank invisible names in matches but how to get it? Here’s how.
  8. Among Us Hacks – Unlock Speed, Hack Radar, etc: Among Us is an interesting multiplayer game of finding an impostor. If you are playing this game then here are detailed son cheat codes and mods for mobile.
  9. Among Us Pink apk: A modded version with a pink theme! Is it safe to use? Find out here.

Beginners Tips

  1. Change Map: There are three maps in Among Us — The Skeld, MIRA HD and Pollus. Learn how to change them.
  2. Double Kill: Here’s the strategy you can use with another impostor to do a double kill in Among Us.
  3. Kick Players: You will encounter some bad apples that you need to kick out of the game. Here’s how to kick players in Among Us and keep a safe space.
  4. How To Customize Your Character: Follow this Among Us character customization guide to know everything about how to customize your character in the game.
  5. How To Play As Ghosts: Looking for Among Us Ghost tips? Learn how to be useful to your team in the Ghost role, complete tasks & help crewmates or impostor friends.
  6. How To Be A Good Crewmate: Want to know how to be a good Crewmate in Among Us & support your team in the best way? Read this guide to complete tasks and catch impostor.
  7. How To Use Vents: Want to know how to use Vents in Among Us smartly? Here’s how to do it.
  8. How To Close Doors: Wondering how to close doors in Among Us and kill someone in isolation? Do it like this!
  9. How To Play With Friends: Connect with your friends and make Among Us more exciting.
  10. How To Change Name: If you want to know how to change your name in Among Us, here’s how to do it.
  11. Best Hiding Spots: Use these during your Hide and Seek games on all maps.

Unlock Pets, Hats, Skins and More

  1. Custom Skins: Custom skins in Among Us will allow you to stand out from the rest and design your own skin. You can create hats, uniforms and other things.
  2. Among Us Picrew Guide: If you are using Picrew to create a virtual avatar then here is how you can make yourself look like a character in Among Us.
  3. Best Outfits In Among Us: Looking for the Best Outfits in Among Us? Use these Skin Combos and Costume ideas to spice up your look. Customize your character easily!
  4. How to get free Pets?: Are there any free pets available in Among Us?
  5. How To Change Color: Wondering how to get your choice of color for your character? Here’s how to change color in Among Us.
  6. Astronaut Costume & Helmet: Know how to get the Astronaut Skin and Helmet (Full Costume) in Among Us on PC and Mobile.
  7. Unlock Jason Mask: If you are curious to know how you can get the Halloween Costume of Jason Mask in Among Us, this is what you need to do. Get this Halloween skin for free on PC and Mobile.
  8. Unlock Plague Doctor Mask: Get the Plague Doctor Mask and change the look of your Among Us character.
  9. Christmas Hats: If you want to put on a Christmas hat on your character in Among Us, here’s how you can do it right now.
  10. Halloween Hats: Want some spooky Halloween themed headwear? Find out how to get Secret Halloween Hats in Among Us for Free with this simple trick!

How To’s & Tips and Tricks

Polus Map Guides

  • Among Us Polus Map Guide: Among the three maps, Polus is the biggest, as an imposter you must know all vent locations to move fast. Here is a guide on how to avoid getting caught as an imposter in Among Us on Polus.
  • Polus Map All Task Guide: Complete all the tasks and win the game.

Skeld Map Guides

  • Skeld Map All Tasks List: Confused about The Skeld Map tasks in Among Us? Look no further. Here’s a quick list of all visible and common tasks in this map.
  • Among Us Skeld Map Guide: Here’s The Skeld Map in Among Us guide to help you with all the sabotage points and vents for impostors and the map layout to complete tasks.
  • Skeld, Polus & Mira HQ: Learn about Vent & Camera locations, Tasks list, Visual & Best tasks to fake, Map layout & Tips for The Skeld, Polus & Mira HQ.

Mira HQ Map Guides

Locations, Combat & Strategy Guides

  • All Camera Locations: Among Us camera location plays an important role in Skeld and Polus. These camera locations are great to spy on crewmates as well as impostor
  • Best Tasks To Fake When Playing As Impostor: Among Us tasks like Align Telescope, Fix Weather Node and Swipe Card are best to fake as an impostor. Check out all the best tasks to fake as an impostor in Among Us.
  • What Does Sabotage Do And How To Use Them In Among Us?: Sabotages in Among Us allows the imposter to create emergency situation and distract crew members. Sabotages In Among Us will help you win.
  • Among Us Voting Manipulation: Among Us voting brings all the crewmates to find out the impostors but with manipulation of opinions players often lose track of objective.
  • How Many Players Needed To Play Together: If you’re thinking about how many players are needed to play together in Among Us, here’s your answer.
  • How To Sabotage Lights Easily: Here’s how to sabotage lights in Among Us and how it affects all crewmates and impostors in the game. Also find out how to fix the Light Sabotage.

Troubleshooting Guides

Opinion & Features

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This is our Among Us wiki guide and we are going to daily update a lot of fresh tips and tricks. Do not forget to bookmark this page. Thanks and enjoy playing Among Us.