Among Us Map Guide: Tips & Tricks For The Skeld, Polus & Mira HQ

Among Us Maps Guide: Know Vent & Camera locations, Tasks list, Visual & Best tasks to fake, Map layout & Tips for The Skeld, Polus & Mira HQ.

The Maps in Among Us play the most important role in your victory or defeat in the game. Only those who the know the Among Us maps thoroughly can actually devise various strategies to be a good impostor. Even as a crewmate, it is essential to know the various locations, tasks (visual or otherwise) as well as the essential points in the map that will give you an advantage (like security and admin). If you are confused about these maps, don’t worry. I will list out all the important guides that will help you out in every aspect. Once you get a hang of them, winning games will be easy for you.

Among Us Maps: Tasks List, Locations, Tips & Strategies


There are three maps in Among Us right now and their names are The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. With the announcement of Among Us 2 being cancelled, it is confirmed that more content will come to the existing game. For now, let’s look at everything you must know as an impostor or crewmate.

  • The Skeld: This map is possibly the most popular one in the game. Once you master this one, you can even play hide and seek in it.
  • The Skeld Tasks: Here’s how to complete all the tasks in this cool map.
  • Polus Map Vent Locations: If you are struggling with moving around on the Polus Map, this guide will surely clear the doubts in your mind. You will see the vent locations and know how not to get caught.
  • Polus Tasks: Find out all the tasks you can do in this one.
  • Mira HQ Tasks List: Here are all the tasks you can do in Mira HQ.
  • Among Us Visual Tasks list: If you are an Impostor, you don’t want to be caught doing Visual tasks because it can be a dead giveaway. Read this guide to know which tasks will prove your innocence if you are a crewmate. This will help you during discussions and voting too.
  • Best Tasks to Fake: Now that you know which visual tasks to avoid as an impostor, here are the best tasks to fake. Sneaky.
  • All Camera Locations: Where are all the camera located in Among Us? Find out here.
  • How to Sabotage: It is crucial to know how to sabotage things because it can lead to an easy victory as an Impostor.
  • How to Change Map: Finally, here’s how to switch between maps if you get bored of playing in one for a long time.

That’s everything you need to know about Among Us Maps. If you spend some time understanding the details of all of them, you will become a pro player quickly. We have lots more useful guides on Gamer Tweak for this game so go ahead and check them out too.

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