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Among Us: How To Vote

Curious to know how voting works in this game? How to vote in Among Us and how to decide who to vote someone out? Learn all the tips here.

Murder, lies, convincing skills and voting – these are the core fundamentals of this exciting game called Among Us. Play it with friends or strangers, fun is absolutely guaranteed. As a crewmember, your goal is to figure out who is the impostor sabotaging and killing your teammates. As the impostor, you have to ensure that you commit murders without getting caught and convince everyone that you are innocent. There are multiple layers to this game that you need to master but let’s begin with the basics first – How to vote in Among Us? How to decide who to vote out? Learn all about it here.


How to Vote in Among Us

So the process will begin something like this – You will enter a round where you need to either sabotage things and kill (as the impostor) or complete your tasks (as the crewmate).

That is when the discussion phase will begin where someone will try to blame a particular player.

Soon the voting period will start and you need to make your decision fast. You can either go with your gut feeling or you can listen to a player who is blaming someone with/without proof – it is all up to you.


Sometimes, going with a player’s suspicion could be fully accurate or it could be an impostor trying to get innocent people kicked off. Remember the colors of the players you have seen doing visible tasks because they are innocent for sure. Get an alibi for yourself in case someone is trying to pin the blame on you. If you are the impostor, go ahead and target someone and make everyone follow your lead. Voting manipulation is a common tactic to use as the traitor.

Finally, make a wise choice and get ready to vote.


Among Us Voting

Now, in order to vote for someone, this is what you have to do:

among us voting screen

  • Go to the voting screen where the title says “Who is the Impostor?”
  • Click on the player you want to vote for.
  • Two boxes will appear on the player’s name – a Tick mark and an X.
  • If you are sure about voting for that particular player, click on the tick mark.
  • Else, you can click on X and click on some other player.
  • If you want to skip the vote, simply click on the SKIP VOTE button below and click on the tick mark for confirmation.

That is all you have to do. After that, you will see an “I voted” tag on your character. When everybody votes and there’s a clear majority, the selected player will get ejected. After that you will know if they were the impostor or not. Note that you cannot vote for someone as a ghost but you can discuss with other ghosts in the chat area. Alive players won’t be able to see your chats – only other ghosts can communicate with you.

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