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What Does Sus Mean In Among Us? (Answered)

Playing this game but don't know why everyone's saying "Sus" in discussions? Find out what does Sus mean in Among Us with full context.

Since almost everyone you know is playing Among Us and possibly raving about it, you might have tried it out already. You’ve loaded up the game, it begins and you play the role of an impostor or a crewmate. Everything’s going fine, until someone says something you’ve never heard before. Sus…what does Sus mean in Among Us? Don’t worry, I will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about Sus in Among Us.

What Does Sus Mean in Among Us


To put it simply: Sus is short for Suspicious. Since the game can get pretty intense with all the lies, blame game and other discussions, it is the easier and faster alternative to type on Mobile and PC. But what does it imply in the context of the game? Here’s the answer to that.

Basically, it means that someone thinks you have done something worthy of raising a doubt about you being the impostor. You may have gone off by yourself or someone might have seen you just escaping a vent. Heck, you could be sus even if you are quiet during a discussion phase or if you are talking too much.

The speculation could be genuine, based on some unfortunate timing or even a total lie because impostors do that. The traitor might try to pin something on you by calling you kinda sus. It is just an accusation without real evidence or other witnesses.


In fact, if you see the Impostor faking a visible task or closing the door to a room, you might run off to initiate an Emergency meeting. But during the discussion, the real impostor might turn the tables and blame you instead by calling you sus. If he or she manages to convince the entire crew, you might get voted out and ejected despite being innocent. It is all about Voting manipulation and mob mentality in this game and using the sus tactic is how it works many times.

That’s everything about it – this is what Sus means in Among Us. It has become quite the meme now which has played a big role in this game’s popularity worldwide. So, I hope that cleared things up about this word! Go ahead and try it out in your strategies as an impostor or crewmate. If you ask me, I think Cyan is kinda sus.