10 Best Emergency Meeting Among Us Memes

Here are some of the BEST Emergency Meeting Among Us Memes that you need to check out.

Among Us is steadily gaining more and more popularity now and there are various reasons for it. One of them is the Emergency Meeting meme which accurately describes, well, everything that is going wrong this year. If 2020 was a game, there would be an emergency meeting way too often. The now-viral meme has taken off in an unprecedented way and in this article, we have compiled some of the best ones. If you’ve been playing Among Us and know how things work pretty well, these memes will crack you up (trust me).

Among Us Emergency Meeting Meme

Before diving into the memes, here’s a little background for those who are unclear why they are seeing Emergency Meeting memes everywhere. Basically, in an Among Us game, there will be crew members and an impostor (or multiple impostors). Your goal as the crew is to figure out who is the deadly impostor and complete tasks before he kills everyone off. If you are the impostor then you have to be a good faker and blend in with the crowd before sneakily killing other players one by one. It’s the perfect combination of quick thinking, patience and, of course, lying.

So, the Emergency meeting is called when someone thinks they are suspicious about a certain player. It can even be done when you actually see someone hopping into or getting out of a vent or killing an ally. That’s when all players can decide to eject a certain player and then everyone will find out if they were an impostor or they were innocent. You can only call it once and many have hilariously misused this option for different reasons. Check out these memes that range from relatable to giggle-worthy!

Emergency Meeting! from HistoryMemes

Emergency meeting! from OTMemes

(Emergency meeting intensifies) from AmongUs

Emergency meeting! from memes

We hope these memes brightened up your day. While you are here, don’t miss our Among Us guides.