Among Us Impostor Guide: How To Be An Impostor And Win

Wondering how to be an impostor and win in Among Us? Find out some essential tips and tricks in this Among Us impostor guide.

Being the impostor in Among Us is super exciting. But how do you win as the impostor, especially if your crewmates are smart enough to pick up on every little thing the other players do? Well, there are some essential tips and tricks that you should know about. Use the strategies in this Among Us impostor guide to put yourself at an advantage and avoid any suspicions. Doing this correctly will lead to your crewmates voting out innocent players thereby leading to your win.

How to Play and Win as an Impostor in Among Us

These tricks will help you fool your crewmates and kill them one by one. Boost your chances of winning as an impostor with the following tactics.

Pretend to Complete Tasks

If you don’t do this, your behavior will be immediately noticed. Show off your acting skills as you utilize the computers and other items you see around. Keep faking it. With this, you can blend in which will make things easier for you in your journey of lies and deceit. Note that there are certain tasks which have obvious animations so if you see someone doing that, they are clearly innocent.

Use Vents to change Location (but smartly)

When you are caught alone with a crewmate in an isolated place, you can kill them and then use the Vent to switch location. Since it is an impostor-only ability to use a vent, make sure that no one sees you doing this. Try not to use the vent in open areas or in areas where there is high footfall. But once you are out of a vent, you can pretend to do something else with a witness. This will help you create an alibi that you weren’t even there where the murder happened.

Act Clueless

When there is a discussion happening, ask where the murder happened and more of such questions, but be subtle about it. Your manipulative communication skills will be tested here. If you are able to fool everyone, an innocent player will get voted out and you will remain. In case you decide to directly target a particular player or keep quiet altogether, you might reveal yourself as the actual impostor. But sometimes, targeting someone and ganging up on them can actually help too. Depends on the situation you are in.

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Keep Sabotaging

Don’t forget to close doors and kill someone and then sabotage something far from the dead body. Even apart from this, you need to sabotage a lot. When you do this correctly, you won’t have witnesses hence you can win as an impostor in Among Us. Also, avoid killing when the cameras are flashing red. An interesting thing is that as an Impostor, you can fix your own sabotages too. Perfect way to not bring attention to yourself.

Use the Crowd to your Advantage

If you end up in a situation where there are multiple players around you, go ahead and kill. At that time, you can say in the discussion that many people were there. Again, pretend to be clueless. You can even make someone a scapegoat and follow the crew if they have strong suspicions about a particular player. Remember to not overdo this though.

In conclusion, you need to be calm in your replies, confident about your assassination skills, and think on your feet. Good decision making will take you a long way in this game. So, go ahead and use these Among Us Impostor guide tips and tricks to win as the impostor easily.

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