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How To Close Doors In Among Us

Wondering how to close doors in Among Us and kill someone in isolation? Do it like this!

There are a lot of elements in Among Us that can lead to your victory as an Impostor. We have covered the tips to be a good Impostor in our guide, and one of the things you have to do is to close doors in Among Us. Why? Because that’s the perfect way to trap a crew member and kill them without being seen by others. You can then use a vent and escape as you pretend to be an innocent player who was just doing tasks innocently. Here’s how to do it.

Among Us: How To Close Doors As An Impostor


Closing doors in Among Us as an Impostor is pretty simple to do. Just follow the steps given below. Once you are in a room near a door, go ahead and click on the Sabotage button. It will be on the bottom right area of the screen. Next, you will see the entire map where you will see the rooms where you can close doors.


The symbols will indicate where you can sabotage what – you can sabotage the reactor, comms, oxygen and of course, doors. Click the X icon of the room where you want to close the door and then kill someone. Sneaky. Do note that the doors will stay closed for 10 seconds and there’s a cooldown time for the door you have sabotaged.


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You have to be extra careful while doing this because if someone sees you closing a door, it can be game over for you. A player can call an emergency meeting and eject you unanimously if you are not smart about your door-closing activities.

So, that’s all there is to it. Go ahead and be an epic Impostor and win games in Among Us with this handy trick. If you want to spice up your look in this game, find out how to get Halloween Hats and Christmas Hats right now.