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How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us For Free

Want some spooky Halloween themed headwear? Find out how to get Secret Halloween Hats in Among Us for Free with this simple trick!

One of the most fun things to do in Among Us is to customize your little character. Even if the graphics aren’t highly detailed, there’s a certain uniqueness about it which makes it truly stand out. But did you know that there are some secret Halloween hats (skins) that you can put on your character? Here’s how to get free Secret Halloween Hats in Among Us.

Among Us: How to Get Halloween Hats Costume (Secret Trick)

Follow these steps to get your hands on the special Halloween themed hats in Among Us.

First, change the local time of your PC and Mobile device. For PC, you can do it by going to the taskbar located at the bottom of your desktop and adjusting date and time from there. For Mobile devices, you can do it from your phone settings. Below we will mention the full process for PC, but note that the steps are similar for your mobile phones as well.


The next step now is to go ahead and turn off the option to set time automatically. Set the time manually by clicking the Change button.

For Halloween hats, you need the date to be Halloween which is October 30, 2019. Set the time to 11:59 PM.

After this, you need to load Among Us and wait until the time goes to 12. Now, start a game and check the Hats section where you customize your headwear. You will see that you have got exciting Halloween themed headwear right there.

Want to know if you can still keep these cosmetics even after setting the date and time back to the correct one? Yes! You will be the permanent owner of these cosmetics even after that. It is a sweet little hack you can use to get some awesome new Halloween skins.

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