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Among Us: How To Play With Friends

Connect with your friends and make Among Us more exciting.

Among Us has long been released but it is surely living its golden age at this moment. The game has got a lot of traction recently and is hitting the gaming charts across the world. While it is fun to play with anyone, there’s also an option to invite and play with friends in Among Us. Whether your friends are playing on PC or on mobile devices, you can bring them all under one roof and create your private game. In this guide, we will discuss how to invite and play with friends in Among Us.

How to Play With Friends in Among Us


There are a total of three options in Among Us when you access the online section in it. One of the options is for hosting the game, the other is public, and the last one is private. To invite and play with friends, you will need to select a host here. When you choose to become the host of a game, there are a few options visible on the screen. Some of these options are maps, the number of imposters, language, and the number of players. You will have to select what you need for all those options and then confirm to create a room.

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Once the room is created, there will be a three-letter code visible on the screen. Share the code with your friends and ask them to join your room. When there is a minimum of four friends in a room, you can hit the start button to begin your private game and play with friends.


If you are the host, the game also provides you a few options once inside the private room. You can customize your avatar, modify game settings, and conduct emergency meetings.

If you are somehow not able to bring four friends to join the room or want to add someone once your friends are there, you can change the room setting to the public and any random person can view your room and join it for some crossplay experience.

We hope this answered your question on how to play with friends in Among Us. If you want to have some more fun while playing you can also opt to be an imposter in the game and sabotage other members. If you are interested in reading other such guides about recently released games, you can visit our gaming guides section.