How to play Among Us in CSGO

Here's step by step guide on how to play Among Us in CSGO.

Among Us — which was released in 2018 — has overtaken massively popular battle royal games PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, becoming the most downloaded mobile game in 2020. You must have noticed the hype around the game but have you ever played Among Us in CSGO?

You might be a huge fan of this online multiplayer social deduction game, but have you wondered what if you got an opportunity to make it even better? Well, you don’t need to do it anymore, because you already have an option to play an Among Us game mode in the competitive shooter CSGO.

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Do you know what ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’ means in Among Us? If not then this is the best time to read about it.

For the uninitiated, Trouble in Terrorist Town or TTT is the Among Us of CSGO. The custom game mode separates players into ‘innocents’, ‘traitors’, and ‘detectives’ and relies on the same kind of gameplay as Among Us, but with the inclusion of weapons. Instead of voting people out of a ship, innocents can shoot your head off with an AK if you are careless as a traitor.

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In order to play TTT, you need to find a community server to play in. Finding a server to play TTT could be a daunting task. And that’s the reason why we recommend to opt for a multimode server where TTT appears in rotation along with multiple other games such as Jailbreak, Deathrun, and Minigames.

In order to do so, you will have to head over to ‘Browse Community Servers’ and filter the server by name and type in ‘Multimod’. After doing so, you will see a lot of servers appearing on the screen but joining a server which has more players playing is highly recommended.

There is an option allowing you to bring a group of friends and join an empty server to play among yourselves. It would be better to create a server from scratch but that would not be easy for you.

Note: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is arguably one of the most popular competitive shooters in the world of modern video games. An Among Us mode existed in CSGO since 2014 but only a few know about it.

That’s all you need to know about how to play Among Us in CSGO. We have lots more useful guides on Gamer Tweak for this game so go ahead and check them out too.