CSGO Launch Options Guide 2023

Custom launch settings

CS:GO has options to customize the game to launch the way you want. Restricted for pro users, you can try to adjust important settings through basic codes. Assigned directly to the shortcut of the game, CS:GO Launch options are kind of codes. A simple text-based code to boost fps, resolution, etc. No rocket science here, CS:GO Launch options are easiest to use.

For example, for more FPS you can customize CS:GO Launch to run on max fps. This is restricted through internal game settings. I am adding all available CS:GO Launch options code to this guide. By applying them through simple settings you can force the game to load on assigned on settings you want. In this way you can customize CS:GO to launch on the best possible settings.

In case of any error, do not worry. We are not using any third-party software to customize CS:GO Launch. Instead, we are just applying some text code at the game shortcut. If there is any problem just remove it and play on default settings.

CSGO Best Launch Options To Use In 2023

The benefit of using CSGO Launch options is that you can get more from the game. Getting higher FPS means you can play better than others. The custom configs are easy to use and will turn you into a pro player. Most of the settings here are tested and working, starting from the common this short CS:GO Launch option guide is divided into different sections.

The first is the common settings you can use to customize CS:GO launch. The easiest one is listed in this part and then comes CS:GO Launch options on the basis of their features. For example higher FPS, higher Refresh Rate, Autoexec.cfg, etc.

How to use CS:GO Launch Options

Before we dive into customizing CSGO launch lets first see how to use these settings. How to apply and remove them. It is extremely simple and done via Steam. Follow the step by step method below to customize CSGO launch options.

  • Launch Steam and go to your Game Library
  • Right click on CS:GO and choose Properties
  • In General Tab click on Set Launch Options.
  • Type the setting codes exactly as shown below starting with a hypen and click on Ok.

Launch the game enjoy the custom settings in CSGO.

Common CS:GO Launch Options you must use

  1. -console – Launch console as soon as you start the game.
  2. -novid – Turn off intro custscenes. Disables the Valve intro.
  3. -high – The gpu will give CS:GO highest priority above all background process. More performance 0 lag.
  4. -threads 2 – You can change the number 2 to specific CPU cores to assign it directly to the game. If you have 4 core processor you can assign all 4 cores to the game to boost performance.
  5. -fullscreen – Game not running on full screen, use this CS:GO Launch option.
  6. -windows – Want to use it in a window then use this one. You can add a few more options after -windows to get a custom screen. This can be complicated but still if you want here is CSGO Launch Option code: -w [width] -h [height] -x [horizontal position] -y [vertical position]
  7. -noborder – Remove black borders around the window.
  8. -language English – Forces the game to use a specific language even Steam is in some other langauge.

Best CS:GO Launch Options for all:

-tickrate 128 +fps_max 0 -novid 

Here is a CS:Go Launch option to set the server tick rate, get a max fps, remove the intro cutscene, and set the CPU affinity to high. This launch option code has multiple benefits. It focuses on improving the overall performance, along with improving game response.

-refresh 144

This only works if your monitor supports. High refresh rate plays a big role in visibility. It is necessary to first verify your monitor’s default refresh rate. For this on Windows 10 follow the below steps.

  • In Start Search box type Display Settings.
  • Change display settings
  • Go to Advanced display settings > Display adaptor properties for “monitor”
  • Set the refresh rate to 144hz. If you are seeing a less value then the display does not support this.

But try to get a max refresh rate and then use the above CS:GO Launch Option to get it while playing the game.

+exec autoexec.cfg

This one is important, you can force the launch of custom configuration files using the above. Custom autoexec.cfg file file will let you play like a pro. You can also download a cfg file from the web used by pro players. This directly applies their settings to include all options.

List of all CS:GO Launch Options:

  1. -tickrate [tick rate] : Set server tick rate.
  2. -refresh [144hz] : Customize CS:GO refresh rate.
  3. -fullscreen : Force fullscreen.
  4. -windowed: Run in a window mode.
  5. -noborder: Remove border.
  6. -d3d9ex: Can damage the game performance, enable DirectX 9Ex.
  7. -disable_d3d9ex: Disable DirectX 9Ex.
  8. +exec [file name]: Executes all commands from a file, for example autoexec.cfig. File must always be in the default location – Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg.
  9. +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1: Disable fancy blending.
  10. +high: Runs the game on high priority.
  11. +r_emulate_g: Emulates OpenGL for FPS Boost.
  12. -softparticlesdefaultoff: Render particles with feathering.
  13. +fps_max [amount]: Set maximum frames-per-second

With the help of this guide you can easily  manage various CS:GO Launch options. You can customize the game launch the way you want, and add settings to improve the overall performance.