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CSGO Autoexec.cfg File Guide – How to Create One & Auto Run

Complete guide on custom settings

A lot of CSGO players do not like to go with default settings. This includes default controls, crosshair settings, etc. To unlock more, CSGO supports custom config files. Called as .cfg file you can modify settings just by adding codes and editing it via simple notepad. Here is a detailed guide on CSGO autoexec.cfg files. One of the widely used custom CSGO config files.

You can learn everything about autoexec in this guide. What is this file? How to create one? How to enable auto-run so that do you don’t have to run autoexec.cfg manually?

What is autoexec.cfg file in CSGO?

Starting from the basic question what is this file. It is configuration files located inside the CSGO installation folder. A simple text file that allows you to load custom settings while playing the game. Custom settings allow you to add your own keyboard controls, mouse settings, video settings, etc. You can also add additional features like Jump Throw or Bind Jump to Scroll key.

CSGO autoexec.cfg will help you to do the majority of changes via plain text file. Also, you can download various custom autoexec.cfg files from the web to test out settings of pro players. All you have to is move this file in the default installation folder and enable settings to launch. When you start the game, CSGO will load settings from autoexec.cfg instead of config.cfg, the default settings files. You can customize autoexec.cfg anytime you want, adding and removing features.

CSGO autoexec.cfg default location?

CSGO autoexec.cfg can be found in multiple locations depending on your game installation. If you had purchased the game from Steam then check the below location for autoexec.cfg.

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
  2. Program Files(x86)\Steam\userdata[your Steam ID]\730\local\cfg\config.cfg.

This is one of the most common locations where you can find autoexec.cfg in Windows PC. Most of the steam games are located inside the common folder, look for CSGO folder and look for another csgo folder inside it. Find the cfg folder which will have the default config.cfg. If you are creating a new autoexec.cfg file move this in the “cfg folder”. If you are unable to find the file in the first location then try the second one.

How to create new CSGO autoexec.cfg?

Inside the default cfg folder right click on config.cfg and choose Open With > Notepad. Click on File > Save As. Name the file as autoexec.cfg and save it in the folder. Using the default config.cfg file we had created a new file that will be used to add and remove custom settings. There are two ways to run this file. By default, the game will load config.cfg file, but we want to run autoexec.cfg. It can be done in two ways, first using the Steam Launcher which is a kind of manual task, and second by simply adding a code in autoexec.cfg file.

How to auto-run autoexec.cfg file in CSGO?

I am adding both the methods here, first using the Steam launcher, and a simple code that is added to the end of the file. You can try any of your choices, it will also help you to troubleshoot in case the file is not working.

  1. To auto-run CSGO autoexec.cfg through steam launcher, right click on CSGO in the game library. Click on Properties > Set Launch Options. Type the command +exec autoexec.cfg and click on Ok.
  2. The second way is open autoexec.cfg file and add the following code to the end of text file – exec autoexec.cfg.

So these are the two methods to auto-run or auto-launch the autoexec.cfg file in CSGO. Both are working methods allowing you to launch your custom game settings. You can then edit the notepad file and add remove settings as per your need. CSGO autoexec.cfg file will help you to try out various combos and techniques to improve your game. You can then just download custom settings by searching on Google and apply them instantly. Copy-paste the text and save the file.